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  1. codefumbler


    I found fastpay very good too. Anyone know if they are going to implement a ACP so we can get a module together for OSC?
  2. codefumbler

    FASTPAY Module

    I have only just discovered fastpay - seems like a good solution for UK users - a lot cheaper than the alternatives for low volume. ANy news on an APC from them yet?
  3. Hi I am looking for some opinions and advice on which contribution is likely to be the most useful for managing the upload and display of images. Firstly - I take it there is no way to display images different sizes in stock lists and item details - therefore I need a strategy to ensure that the images that are eventually on the server are consistent in size/format/proportion/resolution etc. I could of course create all appropriate images locally before uploading but I am wondering if there is a contribution that may make this easier. I expect to have a variety of image formats from a variety of sources to deal with. Ideally I would like the following features: 1)The ability to upload images of any size or proportions and for them to be resized according to the pre-defined parameters and reframed in order to adhere to the appropriate proportions set in the admin. 2)The creation of thumbnails to suit the predefined image tag sizes on listing together with larger images to be displayed on request. (as I understand it at present OSC constrains any size image to display the thumbnail and this is not the most desirable). I have looked at the following two contributions and they seem to cover a lot of the bases between them. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,350/page,5 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,746/page,5 I would be grateful for anyone's views on either of these and on how well they might meet my needs before I install them. Also - can they (and is there any point) be installed together? Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. codefumbler

    Column Control

    I think this is to do with the database changes to the table configuration_group. The value 14 for configuration_group_id is already in use by GZip Compression. I imagine that the contribution was written before this was added to the OSC snapshot. I would try the following: (back up everything first) 1) reverse out of your changes to the database (if you can't do this it might be easier to manually update as outlined below) 2) modify the first line of column_controller.sql in a text editor and change the number 14 to 15. (make sure you use a pure text editor - not MSword etc.) 3) modify the rest of the lines in column_controller.sql to change the 14 to 15 (it should be clear what to change - it is the fifth value in each line) 4) re-run database update If not - you could just manually alter the appropriate values by editing the tables configuration and configuration_group using phpMyAdmin. you only need to change the configuration_group_id for column controller in the configuration_group table to 15 and then the configuration_group_id in the configuration table to 15 for those records associated with Column Controller. Reading column_controller.sql will show which records to change. I seem to have made it sound confusing - but its logical if you read it a couple of times. I hope this helps
  5. I may have missed something but I am struggling with the complexities of configuration. Like a lot of people I work on two servers - different environments. I develop and fiddle with layout, coding etc. on a local WXP machine with apache with the intention of any final implementation being on my online Linux virtual server. For this reason - and to test any mods before I break something completely I try to move things back and forth and test in both environments. (particularly as the exact versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP run by my host is outside my control and subject to change). This is not so easy - as the configuration of paths, variables, database settings etc in OSC. are in various scripts in different directories. Some of the major scripts which affect content need to be modified each time they are moved as they also contain configuration. Has anyone ever tried to consolidate all the changeable elements used by both catalog and admin into one include file? Is there some reason this is impossible or undesirable? If not - anyone willing to give it a go? Richard
  6. codefumbler

    has anyone tried Articles Module v1.0?

    Hi I'd be interested to know in more detail what you think of it if you have time. I am considering it too. Richard
  7. codefumbler

    Column Controller - database.php

    I'm making progress. The first problem of no side columns being displayed was down to the SQL script it was trying to insert a value of 14 into configuration_group_id which is an auto increment unique field. This was a problem because this value already exists for the GZIP compression flag. Because it was the first line of the script it stopped the rest of the inserts happening too. I changed it to a value of 15 - ran the sql script again through phpMyAdmin and it worked fine and all seems to display as before. I imagine this occurred because when this contribution was released 14 was not in use as a value for configuration_group_id (assuming GZIP is a recent addition). I still have the problem running the Column Controller - Is it trying to include or require the same file twice and creating a conflict with variable declaration? I am trying to work it out but I am a bit new to OSC and not that familiar with php yet so any input would be appreciated Thanks Richard
  8. codefumbler

    Column Controller - database.php

    Hi Thanks for your response - I'm not sure what you mean? It is when I try to check the interface that I get the error - I can use the normal admin features but if I click on Column Controller I get the error - Column Controller doesn't get past this point. When you say "make sure all applicable fields have been imported correctly" do you mean when I ran the SQL script? Richard
  9. I have just installed the Column Controller contribution on a previously functional installation of 2.2. I have followed the instructions in the readme file meticulously - replaced files and modified all the files in the catalog directory. I have also run the sql script to modify the database. I have the following problems: 1) I have no L or R columns showing on any pages in the catalog. 2) Admin is working fine except When I click on Column Controller and I get the following: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in C:Program FilesApache GroupApachehtdocsoscommerceadminincludesfunctionsdatabase.php:13) in C:Program FilesApache GroupApachehtdocsoscommerceadminincludesfunctionsdatabase.php on line 13 I have double checked and can't see where I have gone wrong - any ideas? I would be grateful for any input - thanks. Richard