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  1. Been looking thru the site & yet to see this problem so goes nothing. I just changed servers about a week ago & everything seemed to be working fine, went to add a new payment & the entire payment side is missing, just the install button is there, all the files are there, very strange to say the least, front end seems to be working fine, re-uploaded the payment op's & it's still just showing the install button. Would love the hear a fix for this 1.
  2. Custom-Home-Theater

    Accept eCheck Payments v2.0

    ok, I got it working, but I have a slight bug where the MODULE_PAYMENT_ECHECK_TEXT_MEMO says on the check, where do I fix that little bug at?-- done alot of php editing tonight / today code is runinng together. Thanks for the nice add on .
  3. Custom-Home-Theater

    Accept eCheck Payments v2.0

    I just installed it & it's not showing up. The check or the information, I must have missed something on the install, it's showing that I used an e-check in the admin panel, but no info.
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    SEO Assistant

    pocjets, Your fix is around post #116. on the error.
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    [CONTRIBUTION] Google XML Sitemap Feed - by Chemo

    All the answers are in this thread to make this work, I back tracked in this thread & then looked at the step by step that came with the XML files.
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    [CONTRIBUTION] Google XML Sitemap Feed - by Chemo

    In the "catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php " look around line 37 for this if (isset($cPath_array) && in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) { $categories_string .= '</b>'; } And change it to this if (isset($cPath_array) && @in_array($counter, $cPath_array)) { $categories_string .= '</b>'; } That will fix the XML problem --WILL your the one that found it, but had to go digging alittle bit more in order to find the spot. Thanks for eveyone who's put alot of time into this.
  7. Custom-Home-Theater

    [CONTRIBUTION] Google XML Sitemap Feed - by Chemo

    Thats the same error I'm getting after playing catchup with this thread.