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  1. OK fixed. There really was a duplicate entry because I had tried running the original SQL file using PHPMyAdmin and it had errored out because it didn't have single quotes. So then I tried sakebomz fixed enclosed SQL file and I guess there already was some data inserted by the previous SQL file. Just needed to removed the first insert statement from sakebomz file and it worked like a charm!
  2. crap getting the same Duplicate entry '112' for key 1 error on a clean install of MS2(almost, just have the seperate price 3.5 mod installed)
  3. blah45

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Also was able to fix the two object_info.php errors on the customers page. Basically there is a problem with that test account they added, the "jane doe" one. Just manually go into the database, go to the customers table and delete the jane doe account, once you've done that you shouldn't get any errors and can create other accounts.
  4. blah45

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    After installing the latest version of this mod over a fresh install of MS2.2 I was getting an error on line 211 of specials.php, I fixed it by just adding a closing bracket "}" on line 211 before the else. Hope this helps someone!