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  1. runweb

    New flow

    How to avoid counting the numer of images in top ?
  2. SEARCHBOX: I have this piece of code in my sts_template for a searchbox: When I search for a product, it will be found but on top of the page the following error message comes up: Any idea what is wrong here ? When i put $searchbox into the template it is working fine but not with the above piece of code...
  3. STS is working fine now with my template, but POPUP IMAGE is not working. In my System the Contribution "More Pics" is installed - but no popup images are coming up...missing code in some sts files ?
  4. Another Question: I inculded now the unordered list file "uo_categories.php" - all sub-categories are permanently listed now. Is it possible to have the subcategories visible only when clicking main category (like in default OSC categories ?) with the uo_categories.php, too ?
  5. OK - i checked that I have to edit my stylesheet template to modify content of boxes....
  6. I created infobox_manaufacturers_header.php.html and infobox_manufacturers.php.html and called $manufacturerbox in my index.php file. But content of header is still formated with a table around the text and filled with colour.....but I want only the text inside this box...without any formats in it. There is no different to see if I put $headertext in the same file as $content or a separates header file....
  7. Thanks ! Sorry - did not recognise that it`s possible to give ......_header.php.html - I´ll try that and hope it works with my system :rolleyes: Categroy Box Problem: I´m just using the ul_categories box for my buggy categories (included ul_categories.php in sts_inc config file) and that`s better than the standard category box.
  8. How to modify format of $headertext ? I only want language sensitive "Currencies", "Manufacturers", "Languages" as header text. This is my infobox_manufacturers.php.html Content box is fine, but the "headertext" is always the same format like my default template without STS activated with a box around the text and bg-colour. What can i do to format "language senstive headertext" ?
  9. runweb

    [Contribution] STS v4

    @bkellum Hi ! Hope you find a moment to take a look at my files....perhaps you can see what is going wrong with importing that strange code in my system... thanks !!!
  10. runweb

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I installed the contrib for unordered list and it works fine, but: The html output ist still: There is some html code which comes not from infobox_categories.php.html or sts_template.html. in sts_template.html i have: and in infobox_categories.php.html: But i have activated the ul_categories.php in admin - when I turn off STS, i can see that ul_categories are working.... It seems, that the system is not inserting/replacing the complete code which is defined in infobox_categories.php...???? =>> I tried now to include the ul_categories.php in the STS-System as follows: /includes/sts_inc/sts_colum_left.php and i made now an infobox which is called: infobox_ul_categories.php.html ....but nothing happens - there is only the unordered list to see - without any code from infobox_ul_categories.php.html .... :'(
  11. runweb

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I found there are 2 different topics about STS4 ? Here is my last post - perhaps someone could give me a tip what I can do to make template infoboxes work proper ? Take a look at this... http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...41&st=4220#
  12. PROBLEM: I´m hardly trying to get my layout working....tested around but could not find what is wrong here: 1.) This is my section where I call "$categorybox" in the sts_template.html: 2.) This is my /boxes/infobox_categories.php.html: But it dosen`t work.... When I take a look into site code output than I can see: Take a look at the bold marked code - where does that code come from and how can i replace it ? I think it`s coming from my system boxes ? The Category box should look like this code (that is working, but hard coded):
  13. Currently there is only 1 random banner into the banners box visible. It changes when Site is reloaded or new visited. I want a box in which i can shop up to 5 different banners at the same time (or a vertical srcolling banner list). I`m using the default banner manager... any suggests how to make it ?
  14. Yes - that`s the way i did it before to test the sts and most features of OSC were working proper. another question: Is there a way to make a tmeplate choosing popup button which gives a list of installed templates the admin/user could choose from ? Right now the admin hast to change some settings in backend to change the template.... :unsure:
  15. Is there an easy way to use XTC-Templates for STS4 ? I think XTC is using a template enginge, too - is it very different from the STS4-System ? If so - what is modify in the XTC-Templates to use them for STS4 ? Would be great if it could be possible to do that... :blush: