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  1. Noticed that if the browser is zoomed in to 120% the PayPal Iframe checkout button, in shopping cart, is distorted. Any suggestions on how to correct?
  2. No problem. Just a heads up. If you decide to go with the filter next to the ip address. You will need to move the form creation for radio button options after this form. echo tep_draw_form('view_counter_form', FILENAME_VIEW_COUNTER, '', 'post') . tep_hide_session_id() . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process_list'); would need to be shifted to <td class="borderCell" width="3%" align="center"><?php echo tep_draw_form('view_counter_form_ip_number', FILENAME_VIEW_COUNTER, '', 'post') . tep_hide_session_id() . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process_list') . '<input type="radio" name="ban_ip_' . $view['ip_number'] . '", value="' . $view['ip_number'] . '", onchange="this.form.submit();">'; ?></td> and the </form> would need to shifted before the </tr>
  3. Just a suggestion. admin/view_counter.php @ line 721: how about add a little button to auto filter on the ip address. this would save the copy n paste. This would be for 2.3.4. Find <td class="borderCell" width="10%"><span style="vertical-align:bottom;"><?php echo $flag . '<a onMouseover="ddrivetip(\'' . ShowIPDetails($domainInfo) . '\',\'' . $colors[COLOR_CART_POPUP_BACK] . '\',\'' . $showWidth . '\' )"; onMouseout="hideddrivetip()"' . '>' . $view['ip_number'] . '</a></span></span>'; ?></td> Replace with <td class="borderCell" width="10%"><span style="vertical-align:bottom;"><?php echo $flag . '<a onMouseover="ddrivetip(\'' . ShowIPDetails($domainInfo) . '\',\'' . $colors[COLOR_CART_POPUP_BACK] . '\',\'' . $showWidth . '\' )"; onMouseout="hideddrivetip()"' . '>' . $view['ip_number'] . '</a></span></span>' . tep_draw_form('filter_' . $view['ip_number'], 'view_counter.php', '', 'post') . tep_hide_session_id() . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process') . tep_draw_hidden_field('submit_only_this_ip', TEXT_SHOW_ONLY_IP) . tep_draw_hidden_field('only_this_ip', $view['ip_number']) . tep_draw_button('', 'zoomin', null, 'primary');?></form></td>
  4. I took a look at the addon today and came across php notification warnings. Of course these are not critical; however, I like to keep my logs clean. See attached and run a compare to find the modifications. Also note, that on 2.3.4BS the admin side calls the language files in app_top. I commented out the calls that were not needed i two of the files in admin. Your reference to this being "Who's Online on steroids" is an understatement. :thumbsup:
  5. Hey there John. Thanks for putting this together. I took a quick look a the code and noticed a few php notification that were generated due to not checking if variable isset. Attached is the modified code for the admin page.ship2pay.php
  6. Yo @Tsimi I can take a look at the code you've uploaded. What are your thoughts about using hooks? This way we could consolidate most core changes to one liners while centralizing the code needed into one file.
  7. fyi, http_client.php is now removed as of pull #545 // shipping cost require('includes/classes/http_client.php'); // shipping in basket I haven't tested; however, I do not see any calls for this class in the latest code.
  8. #11 - Key System If any of you have been putting this off, don't. If any of you are unaware of this code, read and Installation is seamless System is intuitive Clean and flexible Customer interface Reviews will flow in Simply, get it you wont regret it.
  9. @@burt - it may be best to set the password fields to "off" rather than "new-password". Also, possibly the email address as well. Threat The Web server allows form based authentication without disabling the AutoComplete feature for the password field. Impact The passwords entered by one user could be stored by the browser and retrieved for another user using the browser. Solution Have the AutoComplete attribute disabled for the password field in all forms. The AutoComplete attribute should also be disabled for the user ID field. If you like, I can create a push to GitH. Let me know.
  10. The way it is coded now will function properly.
  11. Didn't intend to open Pandora's box. As I mentioned in my earlier post, defaulting to shipping or billing would be a personal choice of the store owner. There is justification to do either. The way @@burt has it configured without specifying is neutral and will default to the browser. My suggestion was based on knowing the requested address type based on the page itself during the checkout process. Thus, including shipping and billing would allow for the browser to provide the more specific information (if available).
  12. Hey gents. Didn't mean to create confusion. I understand that this is an optional setting that is not required when dealing with only one address on a page. Though I can see the benefit of having the section defined for one over the other, however, I understand this to be a personal preference and every store owner would see this differently. My only suggestion would be to specify "billing" and "shipping" depending on the file name within checkout_new_address.php: For example $autofill_section = (basename($PHP_SELF) == 'checkout_payment_address.php' ? 'billing ' : 'shipping '); with modification as such to the fields . '" autocomplete="' . $autofill_section . 'address-level1"' This would further allow the browser to populate the data with correct information allowing a better experience for the customer. But then I understand that this may be moving away from keeping it simple.
  13. Great addition to the code. What were your thoughts regarding the optional shipping / billing. Optionally, a token that is an ASCII case-insensitive match for one of the following strings: "shipping", meaning the field is part of the shipping address or contact information "billing", meaning the field is part of the billing address or contact information
  14. @vampirehunter When you click on the link do any errors appear in your browsers developers tool console? I've not experienced any issues with this code as of yet.
  15. @auzStar :thumbsup: I just added this to a modified dev site and it works great. I will test some more. Awesome work!!!