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  1. marcello

    View Counter

    No problem. Just a heads up. If you decide to go with the filter next to the ip address. You will need to move the form creation for radio button options after this form. echo tep_draw_form('view_counter_form', FILENAME_VIEW_COUNTER, '', 'post') . tep_hide_session_id() . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process_list'); would need to be shifted to <td class="borderCell" width="3%" align="center"><?php echo tep_draw_form('view_counter_form_ip_number', FILENAME_VIEW_COUNTER, '', 'post') . tep_hide_session_id() . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process_list') . '<input type="radio" name="ban_ip_' . $view['ip_number'] . '", value="' . $view['ip_number'] . '", onchange="this.form.submit();">'; ?></td> and the </form> would need to shifted before the </tr>
  2. marcello

    View Counter

    Just a suggestion. admin/view_counter.php @ line 721: how about add a little button to auto filter on the ip address. this would save the copy n paste. This would be for 2.3.4. Find <td class="borderCell" width="10%"><span style="vertical-align:bottom;"><?php echo $flag . '<a onMouseover="ddrivetip(\'' . ShowIPDetails($domainInfo) . '\',\'' . $colors[COLOR_CART_POPUP_BACK] . '\',\'' . $showWidth . '\' )"; onMouseout="hideddrivetip()"' . '>' . $view['ip_number'] . '</a></span></span>'; ?></td> Replace with <td class="borderCell" width="10%"><span style="vertical-align:bottom;"><?php echo $flag . '<a onMouseover="ddrivetip(\'' . ShowIPDetails($domainInfo) . '\',\'' . $colors[COLOR_CART_POPUP_BACK] . '\',\'' . $showWidth . '\' )"; onMouseout="hideddrivetip()"' . '>' . $view['ip_number'] . '</a></span></span>' . tep_draw_form('filter_' . $view['ip_number'], 'view_counter.php', '', 'post') . tep_hide_session_id() . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process') . tep_draw_hidden_field('submit_only_this_ip', TEXT_SHOW_ONLY_IP) . tep_draw_hidden_field('only_this_ip', $view['ip_number']) . tep_draw_button('', 'zoomin', null, 'primary');?></form></td>
  3. marcello

    View Counter

    I took a look at the addon today and came across php notification warnings. Of course these are not critical; however, I like to keep my logs clean. See attached and run a compare to find the modifications. Also note, that on 2.3.4BS the admin side calls the language files in app_top. I commented out the calls that were not needed i two of the files in admin. Your reference to this being "Who's Online on steroids" is an understatement. :thumbsup: NewFiles.zip
  4. marcello

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    Hey there John. Thanks for putting this together. I took a quick look a the code and noticed a few php notification that were generated due to not checking if variable isset. Attached is the modified code for the admin page.ship2pay.php
  5. Yo @Tsimi I can take a look at the code you've uploaded. What are your thoughts about using hooks? This way we could consolidate most core changes to one liners while centralizing the code needed into one file.
  6. marcello

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    fyi, http_client.php is now removed as of pull #545 // shipping cost require('includes/classes/http_client.php'); // shipping in basket I haven't tested; however, I do not see any calls for this class in the latest code.
  7. @vampirehunter When you click on the link do any errors appear in your browsers developers tool console? I've not experienced any issues with this code as of yet.
  8. @auzStar :thumbsup: I just added this to a modified dev site and it works great. I will test some more. Awesome work!!!
  9. @auzStar Great news. I'm glad the info was useful. I'll do my best to test the new code when it's available. Most important, thank you for your efforts. :beers:
  10. @auzStar Wanted to say that this is a great idea. :thumbsup: I haven't been able to test it on my own site; however, I noticed that the demo site experiences this issue when using the Back button on the browser. It appears that Html5 does have a possible solution that update the browser to reflect the change made with the ajax selection. I came across an article that explains in more details. http://www.codemag.com/Article/1301091 Hope this is helpful and something of interest.
  11. marcello

    Product listing

    Unable to edit above message. Just wanted to state that a category page with 13 products listed was reduced overall by 22kb (not all images were gifs, a few jpg in there as well) with the external compression. That was a reduction of approximately 10% from the original page size. Again, this is just testing and I'm still scratching my head as how to do this within GD; however, it appears your code already does all that GD has to offer.
  12. marcello

    Product listing

    @raiwa Always happy to help. Thank you for doing all that you do to support this addon. An update to the compression testing. I was able to reduce thumbnails further using an external tool in a Linux environment. I feel a bit dirty as I wasn't able to find a solution with GD. This solution would output png file for a gif source file. None of this is production or one I am recommending. Just trying to find a way that we can eliminate complaints regarding lossless compression and to overall reduce the page size without compromising on quality. Original image size: 55937 Original image format: gif Thumbnail size: 300x200 Result: 35% reduction from original gif thumbnail with no lossless compression complaint imagecreate 24204 test.gif 23788 test.png (converted to png without external compression) 14766 test.png (converted to png with external compression) imagecreatetruecolor (original thumb method) 22863 test.gif 67170 test.png (converted to png without external compression) 18748 test.png (converted to png with external compression) Original image size: 55937 Original image format: gif Thumbnail size: 100x80 Result: 37% reduction from original gif thumbnail with no lossless compression complaint imagecreatetruecolor (original thumb method) 5589 test.gif imagecreate 5510 test.png (converted to png without external compression) 3516 test.png (converted to png with external compression)
  13. marcello

    Product listing

    @raiwa It may seem insignificant; however, in my testing, I have not visually noticed any loss of quality and file sizes are smaller. Also, considering we are using the quality setting for JPEG to set the compression for PNG, I would either separate (not worth the effort) or hard code it to 9. So in my book, it's easiest to configure for max compression. But I do understand what you are getting at regarding the differences being very insignificant. So leaving it as it is fine as well.
  14. marcello

    Product listing

    @raiwa Just an update. I was able to integrate pngquant into the thumbnailer. Again, this is just a simple hack at trying to reduce the files sizes and improve on compression. I will keep testing though this tweak improved a category page by reducing gif files to a png files while saving approximately 24kb on a category page. The funny part now is that GT is stating that all the png files should be added to a CSS sprite. Note that this is a solution for linux based environments where one has the ability to add additional tools to their environment. I haven't been able to locate a solution within the GD features of PHP.
  15. marcello

    Product listing

    Thank you and I'm glad I can help out. You are correct regarding the array(). I had a module that was disabling my error reporting that kept it from me. If you like, this defines the var in one line. $original_img_size = ( is_file($src ) ? getimagesize($src) : null ); Testing the watermark modification did remove the notice as well. However, I only received the notice when watermark was > 0. Your comments above stated that when it was set to 0. Not sure if I am missing something. Otherwise, my dev site isn't outputting any errors.