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  1. VectorSix

    Help- Error Message

    What version of OSC are you running? Here is a bug report: Bug Report
  2. VectorSix

    Edit month drop down menu

    You want to replace the month names with the numbers instead? January - 01 February - 02 . . etc. For the standard CC module?
  3. VectorSix

    its not working

    Send the link.
  4. VectorSix

    register_globals off

    See Post: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=184484 Good Luck, V6 :thumbsup:
  5. VectorSix

    Please help a newbie

    Great! I'm glad you got it. No problem. Just remember, pay it forward ;)
  6. VectorSix

    Please help a newbie

    I am not familiar with that contrib personally, I just looked at it to try to help you out. I am in the US, so I really haven't a need for it. I can look at it a little closer, but possibly someone else that has the contrib installed would be better suited? I will look at it when I can. Good Luck, V6 :thumbsup:
  7. VectorSix

    Please help a newbie

    Here are the instruction from Terrapin: Further, there are more than 5 files, there are 10 files. Make sure you copy the correct files and place them in the correct locations. There are 5 that go in the /catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ folder and 5 that go in the /catalog/includes/shipping/ folder. Also, did you follow the instruction in the readme file in regard to the excel spreadsheet? Good Luck, V6 :thumbsup:
  8. I would imagine that you still have access to the files themselves one way or another, FTP possibly? I am not familiar that mod, but it sounds like you overwrote your configure.php files. There are two, one is for your catalog, and one is for your admin: /catalog/includes/configure.php /catalog/admin/includes/configure.php Download them and post them here. Remove the passwords prior to posting and we'll see what we have.