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  1. Should anybody wish to do this, I've worked it out, you need to set the TITLE definition in catalog/languages/english/modules/payment/nochexapc.php ! Regards, Andy
  2. benham

    FAQ system contribution

    I've sorted the above error. I've installed everything and no error messages, I've set up my FAQ in admin, but it doesn't show shop side, Any ideas? Cheers, Andy
  3. benham

    FAQ system contribution

    Hi All, if you go to my website (http://www.tool-supplier.com) I am getting the error "// FAQ SYSTEM 2.1 define('TABLE_FAQ', 'faq'); // FAQ SYSTEM 2.1 Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/toolsup/public_html/admin/includes/database_tables.php:65) in /home/toolsup/public_html/admin/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 67" What have I done wrong? Cheers, Andy
  4. Hi, I know this sounds a little stupid but is there any way of changing the text on the "payment options page" from "NoChex via. SSL" to something more friendly like "card payments?" Regards, Andy
  5. benham

    Setting up Nochex APC module

    Hey guys, downloaded the APC module, and have processed the SQL file on my server, what do I do now. I assumed you FTP'd the files into there correct directories, but there are filename changes to be made(?) I'm kinda stuck, sorry for my ignorance. Andy
  6. Hey guys, This module is great idea however I am having trouble installing it. I have processed the SQL file, but now I am stuck, what do I do with the filename.txt files? Many thanks, Andy
  7. benham

    Payment Modules not showing

    I do not have this option as part of my "NoChex" contribution. I only have "allow Nochex" Thanks for the idea though! :) Andy
  8. benham

    Entering Data in Oscommerce

    Is there a way that a customer can enter there card details in OSC, (on a SSL server) then have the details sent to my Nochex account? (ie. enter the details when they sellect "Credit card" in 'My store?') Or am I thinking of the impossible? Thanks, Andy
  9. benham

    Payment Modules not showing

    Hey having the same problem with NoChex. Only got two options installed, used Nochex set to "true" and still says "Money order/cheque" only possible method. Any ideas? Andy
  10. benham

    Integrating NoChex

    I'm still in OSC when I'm inputting the card details. When I installed the NoChex module, I get asked "Allow NoChex" what value should I input here? (just checking) Many thanks for the help, and sorry for my ignorance. Andy
  11. benham

    Integrating NoChex

    cheers mate, still doesn't seem to be working....... I charge my own card, which goes through (typing in a random number brings up the "we do not accept this card" message) but NoChex has no record of it. Any ideas? Andy
  12. benham

    Integrating NoChex

    Hey guys. I have downloaded and installed the NoChex payment module, but now I am stuck... How do I integrate my store checkout with NoChex? Many thanks in advance! Andy