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  1. nouck


    Thanks for the reply. What I am looking for is... A link to the DATA SPEC Sheet of PDF wich I would get from Manfacture not my products INFO. I dont wont to link directory to the manufacture website, rather, to my own pdf in the server. example. when user click on pdf image icon, it will link to http://localhost/sample.pdf. I will download the pdf from the manufacture and put it in my server. When adding a new product, I want to be able to have option to link to pdf file or not. Not all the products will have a pdf data spec sheets. sorry if I confused ya.
  2. nouck


    Does anyone know how to make a link on a product Info page to a pdf file? a choice to add a link or not when adding a new product. Just like the image. thanks
  3. nouck

    Free shipping and payment module problem

    Hi, I had that problem before.... Here how I fixed it. catalog/includes/functions/web_makers_added_functions.php Original // Verify Free Shipping or Regular Shipping modules to show function tep_get_free_shipper($chk_shipper) { global $cart; $show_shipper =false; switch (true) { change true to false after.... // Verify Free Shipping or Regular Shipping modules to show function tep_get_free_shipper($chk_shipper) { global $cart; $show_shipper =false; switch (false) { that is line 59 in my php. I have quantity controller installed..... Hope this will help Nouck
  4. also, i paste define('TABLE_HEADING_MANUFACTURERS','Manufacture'); to catagories.php in admin/includes/languages/english also, to get rid of that missing heading. I got that code from webmakers_language_specific.php in admin/includes/languages/english nouck
  5. I have same problem where the message say... CAT_REBATE_PRICE_TEXT showing up in the admin, I open admin/includes/language/english/quantity_control.php, and copy all the code from there. Then I open /admin/includes/language/english/catagories.php and past the code to it, then everything show up again. Hope this help nouck
  6. I think, I ran to the same problem. when checking the passwprd. today snapshot. 2.2
  7. nouck

    Quantity Controller 5.1

    I reinstall the snapshot, everything works fine again. But as soon as I start to copy the files to it folders. Now I get this error message. When entering the email and password in the box. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: validate_password() in C:testcataloglogin.php on line 26 I know the password is correct. Am I doing anything wrong? Nouck
  8. Hi Linda, I have installed the mod. Great! :-) Int product_info when clicking on the mouse. List Price: $85.00 price:$64.95 Savings of: $20.05 After Mail-in Rebate: $10.00 Save After Rebate: $75.00 rebate is $10.00, should save after rebate be $54.95? When clicking the right arrow in the mail in rebate box, it shows this: Price: $64.95 After Rebate: $10.00 Is that correct? after rebate should still be 54.95? also, when I goto check out, i get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_content_type() in C:testcatalogincludesclassesorder.php on line 135 and line 135 reads: $this->content_type = $cart->get_content_type(); I am using the lastest snapshot. Thanks. Nouck
  9. nouck

    manufacture box

    Hi, I added a manufacture name, but it is long. when listing in the box, since my box only 140 in width, can some how I can add carriage return? Cause the manufacture name shows missing the last 3 letters. Thanks nouck
  10. Hi, i get this error on build.php 266Warning: Failed opening 'member_shortcuts.php' for inclusion (include_path='.;c:php4pear') in C:testcatalogbuild.php on line 266 line 266: <td><?php include("member_shortcuts.php"); ?> Also, if you have configuration going, and if you disable the images button, you have to start over? Other than that, GREAT work!!!! (((:-)) Been waiting so long for this. Thank you for your contribution!! Nouck
  11. Hi, instead of having pictures under each other, each specail like right next to each other in row instead of collumn? Like three special right next each other from left to right, instead of from top to bottom. That way, I will have more room to display others things. Is there a code for that, and where would I inserted? Thanks nouck
  12. Thank You Steve. I might not be able to help with the bug or iron out the problem, but I can definately help testing it. Thank you for your hard work! Nouck
  13. Nice. Everything seems to work for me, email, and all the fuctions on the affia box. I bought a total of $650.00, the actual products were 450, the other 200 is shipping cost, so I only get pay on 450 wich 10% is $45 dollars. And it seems to work well. The only confused things is that, the store acount seperate from the modual account. Is there an anti cheat? Good start! :-)) Keep up the good work Nouck 4 thumps up.
  14. nouck

    Category Tabs V1.1

    great mod, very helpful for me. One thing, when I click on the tap above, suddenly, my shopping box cart, drop down to the left. all the box from the right place on the left. In the main page it is fine, soon you click on those catagory tab, then all the box from the right move down to the bottom of the left.. I have been trying different <tr>, td, ect... but none work. does it in the tab.php file, or in the header. Thanks.