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  1. I just leave a line for someone who has the same error. Check that the php can write into this directory: admin/assets
  2. Hello Thomas, Sorry for the answer delay. Can you send me an access to admin panel of new osCommerce and to FTP? I have to access both of them to help quickly.
  3. It seems intl module is enabled now at your server. Go to /admin/catalog-pages page and click Create Catalog Page button. If it is work, the problem is resolved.
  4. Thank you for the log files. Here is the results: 1. You have to enable php-intl php module (https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.intl.php) 2. The error on the backup page will be fixed in the next update. 3. You have a lot of skipped Order Statuses during the import. Please check you mapped all order statuses in the Mapping settings tab of the OSC Connector Service
  5. Hi Thomas, The osCommerce does not import descriptions if the corresponding language is not installed. So, to fix it, you have to install German language on new osCommerce and then retry import. It's another error. Please send me the log files located here: lib/backend/runtime/logs/*.log
  6. pandrei

    create-sec-file failed completely

    You have to turn on allow_url_fopen directive in php.ini file on your new server (with osCommerce v4): allow_url_fopen = On Here is a link that describes the directive: https://www.php.net/manual/en/filesystem.configuration.php#ini.allow-url-fopen
  7. pandrei

    create-sec-file failed completely

    Hi Tomas, The OSC Bridge is usually running on the same server where the old osCommerce is installed. We assume that the osCommerce 2.x is not compatible with new php versions (>=8.0). Anyway, I have a solution for your case: 1. Open index.php in root_dir/your_oscb_dir. Add line with error_reporting function like this: error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE); require(__DIR__ . '/web/index.php'); 2. Save the file. OSC Bridge should work now.
  8. pandrei

    How to report installation and operation issues

    You are welcome. These links are created automatically during installation, but in your case some error occurred during creation.
  9. pandrei

    How to report installation and operation issues

    You have to create a symlink for each sales channel in this way: cd /www/wwwroot/demo-v4.mysite.com ln -s ./ watch ln -s ./ furniture ln -s ./ printshop ln -s ./ b2b-supermarket
  10. pandrei

    How to report installation and operation issues

    Thanks. Check if you have the following symlinks in public_html dir that point to public_html dir: b2b-supermarket furniture printshop watch
  11. pandrei

    How to report installation and operation issues

    Or maybe you are using nginx?
  12. pandrei

    How to report installation and operation issues

    Hi, Sergey! Are you running your server under Windows or Linux?
  13. pandrei

    Connecting to App Shop

    Hi Joe, Please send us (forum or pm) the logs files: /lib/backend/runtime/logs/*.log
  14. Could you send me in pm the following log file: your_old_server/your_oscb_dir/runtime/logs/app.log
  15. pandrei


    I am glad to hear it works well. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to check installed apache modules.