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  1. mafiouso

    Order IP Recorder v1.0 & paypal

    could you help me with which line is doing that so i can try figure out which paypal\osc file to add it into? thanks
  2. after a bit of stuffing around its all installed and working well. but i am not sure if it is this version or something i did ages ago on the older version that i cant recall causing the issue in the orders view there are 2x status for the transaction (only charged once) not sure why it does this. before the paypal update it would only show once. Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 23/03/2018 12:19:46 False PayPal [Transactions] Transaction ID: XXX Payer Status: VERIFIED Address Status: Payment Status: Completed Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: 23/03/2018 12:19:47 False PayPal [Transactions] Transaction ID: XXX Payer Status: verified Address Status: confirmed Payment Status: Completed Payment Type: instant Pending Reason: Source: IPN thanks
  3. the IP logging works with bank deposit, money order, credit card. but not when paypal standard is used? so i guess during checkout something is different with papal, that needs the IP logger module code added to? (i checked the SQL the data is not pulled in when paypal is used, but it is with the order) does anyone know where to look? thanks https://apps.oscommerce.com/eca6c&order-ip-recorder-v1-0
  4. fixed: was an issue with product weight being to high
  5. just started getting this error? possibly a server upgrade or something. nothing has been changed by myself Warning: array_multisort(): Argument #1 is expected to be an array or a sort flag in/home/user/public_html/shopping/checkout_shipping.php on line 334 line 344: array_multisort($quote, SORT_ASC, $quotes); // sort modules by cost (by the first method cost which has already been sorted above) any advice? thanks
  6. any update on this? at least removing "signature on delivery" on std shipping.
  7. you should explain what version you are on etc.
  8. "As I said all the options that are available at Auspost are available in the module. While this might not suit all shop owners I think that most will find this module very useful. What other Auspost shipping modules are there that can be used for free and that work this well." as i already said its not necessary for cheap or small items that are sent by satchel or small parcel, and time consuming when posting what items have it and which dont. its annoying that it cant be turned off and its forced on the seller. "FYI, I don't work for osCommerce and I don't work for Auspost" not sure where you read i suggested that. and again... these are suggestions to make a better general module who ever may do the modifications as some point.
  9. these are end user suggestions to make this add-on generally more useful. im not sure why everyone by default would want signature on delivery for every parcel when they all include tracking by default these days under $300 i also highlight the price \ savings difference with parcels and satchels. there is still an issue of how the cart would know the volume to determine if a satchel is suitable or a parcel if necessary but it could be as simple as all products with weights set to 1050, 1300, 1500 (500g, 3,kg, 5kg) would use that satchel price if other items are added calc = at the end of the day, the total sale price can determine a sale outcome. no doubt a customer can shop around to save even $1. these are simply suggestions the addon outside this works well. thanks
  10. just wondering, what if the correct way to do this? If you wish to alter the image directory, or change the exclude list, edit the lines at the start of categories.php. $images_dir = DIR_WS_IMAGES; // default catalog images folder; $exclude_folders = array("banners","default","icons","mail","infobox","js"); how do i change it? $images_dir = DIR_WS_IMAGES; // default catalog images folder; $images_dir = DIR_WS_IMAGES; /images_2/ ???; or is it more complex? also is it possible to automatically have all the large images goto a set folder? what i would like is thumbs /thumbs (default) large /large (large image) thanks
  11. awesome, following that setup 0.5kg works. its not that far off satchel or parcel, it really comes down to the parcel dimensions which is not calculated individually per product anyway 3000 > 2000 postcode 0.5kg parcel - $7.45 0.5kg satchel - $8.25 1kg parcel - $13.95 3kg satchel - $13.40 3kg parcel - $16.15 3kg satchel - $13.40 5kg parcel - $18.15 5kg satchel - $17.10 the "savings" issue is when items fit in a satchel, the price is FIXED Australia wide. my work around would be to just set the weights for those products to 0.5 3000 > 6000 0.5kg parcel - $7.45 0.5kg stachel - $8.25 Ok, BUT big difference on larger weights: 3000 > 6000 3kg parcel - $22.30 3kg satchel - $13.40 5kg parcel - $28.60 5kg satchel - $17.10 this would not be appealing for customers in those expensive areas, any thoughts for a work around? very keen on the "no signature" requirements fix also. thanks (y)
  12. will this module calculate under 1kg? http://auspost.com.au/apps/postage-calculator.html# will accept 0.5kg as a entry $7.45 vs $13.95 over 0.5-11kg cant see to get a test product to work in osc2.3.4
  13. any chance to get this module to work for under 1kg? for example price for 500kg satchel or the ability to remove the signature option for items under $300. thanks