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  1. :'( I AM HAVING SAME PROBLEM TOO. Please help us out!
  2. Hello Cioa, Thank you for answering. Where is the shipping table? Zaw
  3. Hi all, I would like to make OS to give shipping option according to item customer ordered. For example, for the food item I would like to ship with Prority Mail ( two day ) only. For the books, I will ship by USPS parcel post. For food + books, I will ship by Prority Mail. How can I do it? Any advice? Sincerley, Zaw
  4. Does it work? It did not work for me.
  5. Hi, I have been looking for the way to do Free Shipping also. I tried most of Contributions of free shipping and they do not work for me. If someone out there know abut it, please help me too. Zaw
  6. Hello, I had that error with zero lb weight. And please check your store zip code. Zaw
  7. Yes. My postal code is correct. One thing I found out that when item has a weight, USPS and UPS work correctly. But when item has zero weight, UPS has an error and USPS is adding 0.1 lb and charging the shipping. How do I fix it? Sincerely, Zaw
  8. Hello Tom, What is postal code? Is it zip code? Can you please give me more detail on how to set it. I put my zip code number in Posta code. Zaw
  9. Hello, I am having following error message: An error occured with the UPS shipping calculations. The requested service is invalid from the selected origin. If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner. How should I fix it? Please help. Zaw
  10. Hi All, Eventhough, I set weight to zero lbs , I am still seeing 0.1 lbs as follwoing: United States Postal Service (1 x 0.1lbs) How can I fix it? Please help me if you know. I made tar weight to 0 . Sincerely, Zaw
  11. Hi All, I would like to know how to make USPS Rroirity Mail only calcualtion on shipping modual? Thank
  12. Call or email to USPS about your error with your username and password. After, they will fix it for you.