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  1. zctoos

    sales tax plugin

    Will there be a sales tax plugin? We use a sales tax plugin that integrates with TaxJar. I think this is a very important piece to develop or include since you cannot run a ecommerce site without properly aggregating sales tax. The "stock" sales tax module in oscommerce won't cut it as you know sales tax laws change, each us state, county, city, sub division has their own added rates on top of the state sales tax.
  2. zctoos

    Payment methods

    Will a CC payment module that does not have to be connected to a payment system be included? So with the world going crazy right now and product not being able to be shipped right away, we use a credit card payment where the credit card info is submitted but not charged. When product is ready we manually enter the info in our merchant gateway. FYI we no longer use PayPal because PayPal instantly charges for an order but if it is not in stock or delayed, we have to cancel the order and eat PP fees. So we now just do credit card, if when it ships, then we manually charge the customer.
  3. zctoos

    New management and osCommerce v4

    it is stated "more modular in design". does this mean it will be like phpbb (forum software) and wordpress. meaning, you install the base software, any addons you just upload to an extension directory and activate (like phpbb) or download a plugin and activate it (like wordpress) so no core files are touched? this has been the weakest points of zen cart and oscommerce, having to modify core files to get plugins to work and then having to modify more to add other plugins eventually something breaking down. this isn't 10 years ago, this is 2022 and i hope oscommerce catches up on what wordpress and woo commerce is doing and i believe this is why more and more are moving to wordpress and their ecommerce plugins. you don't need to "hack" files and plugins are updated to work with the latest version.