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  1. speed777

    Credit Card checkout problems

    PWA contains 2 files, checkout_process.php and checkout_payment.php, which are also used by your credit card module. So, if you don't integrate them, you'll have problems. It sounds like that's what happened.
  2. speed777

    How does the Credit card payment processing work?

    The best thing to do is read up on it before starting: http://usa.visa.com/business/accepting_vis...20It%20Works%20
  3. speed777

    [Contribution] Purchase Order V2.3

    I can't get it to work right, I've installed it twice and both times it gave the error message: Unable to Redeclare Class po
  4. speed777

    Authorize.net payment error help

    lov2flyrc, That's a transaction failure originating in your payment processor settings. You have your settings set to reject any transaction where the billing address provided by the customer does not match the records of the credit card company. Tanya, Have you installed any contributions that could have overwritten and replaced a part of the original Authorizenet files? You would get that error you described if you have done so recently.
  5. speed777

    Question with Authorize.net

    Is it that the transactions are being declined or simply not making it to the payment gateway? If it is being declined, the email is still sent out to the customer and the administrator causing you to think a successful transaction has been made. To check, click on 'Declined Transactions' in you payment gateway panel. There will be a reason given for the failure.