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    osPlayer v2

    I believe the problem with the player not showing the list is due to the fact I have the administration security installed. That is, the option where you have to enable rights for users to use files. I imagine that player_parser is not being allowed to run as it is being called by an 'outside' source., even though it is enabled for the administrator and I am trying to access while logged in as the administrator. Any help or ideas here would be helpful. Thanks rick
  2. bidiot

    osPlayer v2

    I just did a little looking around. What actually includes player_parser.php? Does not look like anything actually references it. I must be blind ... Rick
  3. bidiot

    osPlayer v2

    I tried all this as well - still no playlist. Sorry I may have double posted. What can I do to troubleshoot? Thanks Rick
  4. Hi It seems that a modified individual shipping modual where you can select it to be enabled or not when entering a product would solve a few problems. enabled with 0 would indicate a free product enabled with value would be the overriding shipping value not enabled use normal shipping calculations. A lot easy for admin usuers to understand. The checkout would of course ensure the right shipping modules are available depending on if one or more indicidual tiems exist in the cart. You could also use this to indicate when the product is display it includes free shipping. This would be bettre than using 0 weight methods as shipping costs don't necessarily correspond to weight or could be tempory. Has someone done something like this? I am hoping I can be saved the time!...
  5. Great! Who you please share the solution. Thanks