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  1. Ok, so I get google base running (froogle), and it works great Now I decide to take the plunge on bizrate, and end up setting up a shopzilla account to do so, $50 later, and playing with the settings I finally manage to get my products listed.... My problem is it seems I cant have any products that have a description longer then 1000 characters.. most product descriptions in my catalog are MUCH MORE then 1000 characters.. Does anyone have a solution to this? A work around? The only thing I have been considering is adding a Desc_bizrate for products.. so I can ensure that will be passed instead. Any thanks would be appreciated, THANKS
  2. tkeats

    A Blogger in osCommerce

    Try this one.. I've just installed it and all I have to do is some minor mods... to the template tho I am not sure its exactly what I want. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,blogger Thomas
  3. tkeats

    Google Analytics module

    Has anyone played with the new analytics web optimizer from google? It looks promising however google states dynamic sites may have problems 'testing' different versions... Thomas
  4. tkeats

    [Support] Specials Mod v1.0

    I know this is an old post, however, just incase you (or someone else) gets stumped on this. load up phpmyadmin to make the change (or you can import directly in mysql from the command prompt, check the mysql documents on how to do this, I forget off the top of my head...) and simply paste the text in the .sql file into the sql form. Alternatively you can import the file using the 'file' field. Thomas
  5. tkeats

    Article Manager v1.0

    Can someone that has this contrib installed please send me a PM including their site. I would love to see this contrib in action before I install it... Thomas
  6. tkeats

    Canadian Email Wire Transfer

    Its a shame this couldnt be automated... ie take the customer to the respective bank website and autopopulate for them... Thomas
  7. I am presently modifing oscommerce for another project. I have been giving some thought to the main functionality I will require 'out of the gate' for the website adn it includes the following. The ability to charge a membership fee for a monthly package The ability to generate coupon codes (per customer and per promotion) for improved pricing. Featured Products (already installed) - featuring select products (dooh) Spotlight on - highlighting one product (for collections or bundles etc.) Newsletter Subscription (partial account setup) using the oscommerce system (I currently have another solution running along side, would rather send through oscommerce, instead of thunderbird client.) Can anyone please make some recommendations on specific contribution packages? Which ones work the best, which ones are easier to install etc? Thanks in advance!! Thomas
  8. Does anyone that has this or any of the other feature sets installed feel like posting a link to their sites, with the featureset name so I can see how they look? I installed a feature set however it seemed that the product boxes went wonky on me, 4 or 5 different sizes... Thomas
  9. tkeats

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Step 1: Place links accessible ONLY from within 'My Account' Step 2: Ensure the user is logged in to have 'Wishlist' in either right or left column It seems to me that is all you would need. Thomas
  10. tkeats

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Re: wishlist_help.php I just uploaded a VERY basic zipfile of whats needed to fix the broken link without removing it. just edit the languages/english/wishlist_help.php file and you'll be fine. And yea, I just copied the conditions.php files to make it :P :thumbsup: Seeing as I was in a rush, you should edit the header comments to reflect the filename change.. Thomas
  11. tkeats

    Article Manager v1.0

    I would love to see a sample shop of this in action. I think this might be what I need for a new project!! Thomas Keats
  12. Has anyone developed a contribution simmilar to this? What I was thinking of, was something that will after 30 days, will make products unavailable until they are updated. This would assist wish some products that REQUIRE updating on a montly schedule. For instance, every 30 days there are changes etc to alot of computer based products. Is there something like this available? Is anyone who is able to, willing to code this? I'd even be willing to pay for part/all of this project depending on cost. (Ideally this would give a report in the admin for ease of updates) Thomas
  13. tkeats

    Featured Products

    I am also having this issue. There is no FEATURED_PRODUCTS_DISPLAY in my configure.php that is talked about in the readme.txt, however in the Configuration->Featured Products link I can set this... I have duplicated the new_products listings, so I can keep the New for (month) AND have the Featured Products listing. Alas, the Featured products listing doesnt show, even AFTER adding a product to feature... Thomas Keats Rainbow Computer Systems
  14. tkeats

    HyperWallet V0.9

    Hi. I have just posted my latest contribution. This is obviously for Hyperwallet. You can find it at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1479 While it still needs some work. It does indeed work for transactions and does give some minor information on invoice data. I shall give support for it here.
  15. tkeats

    HyperWallet V0.9

    LOL. Sorry, I've just completed a rather hectic move, and lost my DSL as a result. (Don't you just love the country...) This would work great for you, just follow the instructions carefully and replace your identifier in the code (Or I could end up receiving your payments, its already happened once... heh). As for your question, we always ask for a contribution, is encourages those that contribute code to the project, and to update it when it needs to be. Make a $5 contribution or a $500 contribution, to this, or any contribution you find valuable. Its not a requirement... however its a nice gesture, to those that well, assist in this grand project. This is a very personal decision. Donate/Contribute as your are able, and as you find the code package useful. (And yes, a link to a page would be considered acceptable in my case, just offer :thumbsup: I have a number of sites, so no worries about possible conflicts...) And no, no worries about stealing. Who knows, the code might even encourage you to modify it for another payment service... Thomas Keats Rainbow Computer Systems PS. Yes, go ahead and use and abuse it.
  16. I have made some modifications to the Bank transfer module. Mostly terminology updates and breaking up the sort code to reflect the American and Canadian Markets. I also broke the package into two. Canadian Code, American Code. Find it at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,926 Again, as always, all you have to do is untar it into your webroot directory and enable in admin. Thomas Keats
  17. tkeats

    Payment by application for credit?

    There is a wonderful extra service a couple of my suppliers have taken to offering, not to mention a couple of the 'reseller' associations I am a member of... Finally I can compete with the 'big boys' by offering payment by credit account... Has anyone built a contribution, or is there an existing contribution which basically does the following? on checkout, offers - Purchase, and apply for credit then takes the customer to a online application form, supplied by one of a number of service providers. Such as GM Credit, etc... Returns variables that might be available upon submitting, and informs the customer of any length of wait, approval/refusal status? I would definately be willing to contribute some $$ to the creation of this module, either to the osC team, or the individual/group.
  18. I have a company locally, that I would like to toss some business their way, this is a courier company that only delivers within a .. 200-300 km radius. Anyone tried to impliment a solution permitting this? I was thinking of something that polled like maps.yahoo.ca or mapquest.... for a distance arguement but that seems hmm, overkill... Then I thought, maybe I could ZONE it by the postal codes... tho I have no idea how to integrate that either.. (L9M = YES ; N3R = NO ) .... any ideas Anyone? Thomas
  19. tkeats

    New Versions: Bank Transfer

    I would advise that you create or modify the module for a 'bank' in each currency... (probly would help that you should have an account in that currency..) then set it to certain zones.. If its possible... In any case, it should be a fairly simple modification... Just not one I am up to tackling.. Thomas
  20. tkeats

    *ugh!* Shipping Problems...

    Sounds like you need to edit ups.php and multiply SHIPPING_RATE by 1.15 ... This will of course hide the 15%.. I assume this is the PST/GST for stores in Ontario Canada? Thomas...
  21. I have a delivery service that I wish to utilize, and its ONLY for local sales deliveries. (IE County Level) I a thought to modify the 'per item' module and changed all the MODULE_SHIPPING_ to include a unique variant for the module.. I also changed the item () class and constructor's. I did get an error, in the modules section of the admin, I fixed the issue, but now the module is not listed. Anyone have a thought to what I've missed? Much thanks... >_< Thomas
  22. tkeats

    Exlude payment method

    I imagine you would want to add something like... // disable the module if the order's dollar value is over $50.00 if ($this->enabled == true) { if ($order_totals > '50.00') { $this->enabled = false; } } Of course, this is just a quick one off, but I imagine it would work something like that with a little troubleshooting... ThomasK ps. no warranties are given with the above code .... use at your discreation ;) // disable the module if the order's dollar value is over $250.00 if ($this->enabled == true) { if ($order->info['total'] > '250') { $this->enabled = false; } } Found it, tested it, and now using it for my stormpay module.... ;) ThomasK
  23. tkeats

    Exlude payment method

    I imagine you would want to add something like... // disable the module if the order's dollar value is over $50.00 if ($this->enabled == true) { if ($order_totals > '50.00') { $this->enabled = false; } } Of course, this is just a quick one off, but I imagine it would work something like that with a little troubleshooting... ThomasK ps. no warranties are given with the above code .... use at your discreation ;)
  24. This script at http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,414/type,1 Is it only for a certain country, or is it Canadian/American. If its not CDN/US has anyone been successful in building a script that IS? Could you contact me please? Thank you. Thomas Keats
  25. OK, I get it all installed, was missing something but figured that one out (some reason the link didnt like exactly where I put it in the infobox. Anyways, this is the issue.. Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /home/www/test.rainbowcomputers.ca/htdocs/catalog/domain_search1.php on line 76 Line 76? $displayblock = ""; for ($a=0; $a < $digits; $a++){ $displayblock .= "<td><img src=$img[$a]></td>"; } $opennewcount = @fopen($counterfile,"w"); @fwrite($opennewcount, $newcount); fclose ($opennewcount); Line 76 is the last line... Any help would be appreciated. The link is here test.rainbowcomputersystems.com/catalog Thomas