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  1. Has anyone gotten this to work on
  2. Okay so I'm having some problems getting this to show up. I'm connecting to the CANADIAN developers side, and the module is NOT showing up in the admin dashboard for payment modules. Any advise?
  3. I'm oooh so excited to see this module option and got all the steps taken care of. However it's still not showing up i my 'module' list. Version Checker Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.4 PHP Version 5.4.45 After I uploaded the code, made the change in template_bottom "Install Module (43)" didnt change. it was '43' before, and remained the same. It's not in the list either. Advice?
  4. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    I added the banners to promote specific products in my catalog recently. I find however, that the banners get cut off, either cut at the bottom, or the side. 250x300 and 728x90 banners. Has anyone managed to modify this module to allow side by side banners in one 'box' ?
  5. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    I am not sure if you ever got this fixed.. But I just went through something like this. I checked through all the settings you did. I then realized, the banner ad(s) where turned OFF.. under 'tools -> Banner Manager'
  6. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Ok, so I got the package working, and looking through it, I am trying to figure out where, I would make some nescessary changs for my chosen main page layout, I prefer a smaller listing of specials and featured items to be side by side (2x2 & 2x2), with new product being 4x3. Keep in mind it been a long time since I played with osC and Im having trouble discerning where in this package I make changes so the front page module keeps the original look with the boxes in the central area. I see there are a host of css file under a couple directories, its just not overly clear through the greping I HAVE done tryng to find the various classes and ids that seem to be being used. Now its possible Im missing something in how stylesheets are implimented here, and in 2.3.3 over the 2.2MS version, so Im asking for a small bit of guidance here. Can anyone help at least guide me to the correct locatoins?? Thanks!!
  7. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    I got it, it was unzipped in the same folder/directory as the actual file being unzipped... not accustomed to that.
  8. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Maybe this is the problem, I did look, in the ROOT directory ie (Download here)/package name I've never seen instructions placed a admin subdirectory.. always in the main unzip... Will check in a few when I start workin on it...
  9. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    A recent set of errors on my server have prompted me to start a ground up recreation of my osCommerce. Instead of 2.2, Im using 2.3.3 A quick preview of packages that I had installed before or wanted to install before, brought me to this one, a very important part of what my goal was, was to make the front page very modular, new, featured, specialty products, services, etc. I noticed in the package I downloaded there where no instructions, no install.txt of the sort, so what I did was just do a straight copy (very stock-fresh install of osC) and I get everything BUT the main data area (header, left column, footer) are there, no product/greeting area. Am I missing something? (Its been a long time perhaps 2002 or 2003 since I delved deeply into osC for a setup.) Thomas
  10. Ok, so I want to be able to setup a couple websites where it allows better sorting, Im seeing it all over the place, and I have combed through the contributions, not seeing anything that really answers to the description of what Im looking for. We've all seen the websites I think... You get to choose the manufacturer, or the product class, or the product class size, speed, etc. Want a CPU? choose Intel, AMD, or another, which then gives you the options of a i3/i5/i7 etc etc Want a Hard Drive? Choose Seagate or another and get it suddenly broken down into size, speed, formfactor, SATA version vs PATA, et al et al. Want a laptop? now you choose between manufacturers, cpu maker, hard drive, cpu speed and core, screen size etc etc... Is there a plugin/contribution that exists already, that can be dropped into osCommerce that would help me do this fairly simply? And would I have to modify my bulk import tool? ( I already suspect that to be a yes.. ) Thanks! Thomas
  11. Alright, so I got the sudden desire to put a small infobox in my oscommerce based catalog site. I am using this contribution, however no ads are showing up. Is this contribution broken, or just not configured right? http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5487/page,3 Broken, meaning amazon has updated some sort of api change... etc... Thomas
  12. tkeats

    usemybank etc

    I currently have UseMyBank.com module setup. Does anyone know about the usemycard services, like ukash and 3v Visa? Maybe I dont know exactly how they work, gonna look more into it however has anyone here checked them out and either written them off, or use another solution to utilize them? Thanks Thomas
  13. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    cool, that should help a bit. The idea is to have a setup of [iMAGE] [PRODUCT NAME] [iMAGE] [PRODUCT DESC] [iMAGE] [PRODUCT DESC] [iMAGE] [PRODUCT DESC] [iMAGE] or something similar, with it going right across... maybe a price kinda like the 'other' listing pages Thomas .. going in.. dont see me in 2 hours call 911 ;)
  14. tkeats

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    I finally got this to work in 2.3.1. I have a question tho and it might seem 'lame' BUT... seeing as I really only used 2.2 before this, what I want to do, is edit the New Products list on the main page, to be LONG wide listings, instead of a 3x3 box. Even just a list of files would help, Im looking but its just not 'clicking' .. *passes out the sledgehammer to drive it home* *grins* Thomas
  15. .. thats not it, I have the vanity name, in fact I have a couple of them, the issue is the module when enabled, and setup, doesnt send you to the appropriate site. It sends it to my personal 'wall' not the 'business wall'