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    aisonet reacted to Gyakutsuki in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)   
    Hello @aisonet
    1. compressed/optimized images (if possible, webp would be great) ====> Yes
    2. Lazy loading images ===> yes it's inside
    3. Responsive images (different sizes from each image to serve on different devices) ====> Yes
    Some more informations can give to you by the developer
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 Beta 2   
    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 has been released this week!
    Its preview can be seen here:
    Current Beta is closer to the planned release version.
    We have removed a number of add-ons to simplify the installation.
    They will be re-instated via the App store, most of them free. 
    Beta 2 comes with:
    installation tool 2 demo front ends  osCommerce back end data import tool to migrate data from old osCommerce 2.x instructions on how to submit your feedback Download links have been emailed to all Beta testers.
    If you have not received your link, please check your "spam" folder just in case, and contact us via this Forum to have the link re-sent to you.
    If you wanted to try Beta 2 but didn't sign up - get in touch with us via the Forum or via the Contact form on the website and we will sort it for you.
    osCommerce v4 will be released shortly as a powerful modern modular optimised FREE open source Ecommerce solution!
    Kind regards,
    osCommerce team
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    aisonet reacted to Gyakutsuki in Shipping methods   
    there, an example inside a product about the shipping but also the approach could be more complex.

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    aisonet reacted to wdepot in Shipping methods   
    I'm very glad to see that osCommerce 4 is apparently going to include size information to use on products for shipping purposes since basically all carriers now charge dimensional weight if a package is large but light. I assume that there will be some setup for available boxes to use for shipping to go with this. I would interested in knowing if osCommerce 4 will allow for single products that come in multiple packages for shipping purposes, like the split products portion of the dimensional weight contribution that is available for osCommerce 2.3.x. I would also hope that the packaging routine for osCommerce 4 doesn't do like the one in the aforementioned dimensional weight contribution and add products to a box based solely on the calculated remaining volume. We have had more than one instance of our 2.3.4 packager using a particular size box for a rate quote that the products won't all physically fit in to because of the dimensions of the products even though the total product volume is less than the volume of the box. Each product is checked to be sure it will fit in the box individually, but it doesn't check to see if they will fit in the box together with the other products based on their dimensions.
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    aisonet reacted to Dr. Mary Calaveris in osCommerce v4 translation   
    Thanks for the wonderful surprising challenge of ... translating Russian to Spanish ...  I had to get help from my dear friend Маргарита who was able to convert the source language into the target language in a way that conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible. The translated file is attached!!!  ..... ooops, I keep getting the following message  "You are only allowed to upload 1,003.52kb."
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 Beta 1   
    Not yet. Our team is working on B2 and we are going to announce its release on its forum the moment it is ready. 
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 Beta 1   
    Thanks for your interest in osCommerce v4!
    Beta 2 is due to be released soon, and all registered testers will receive the installation. 
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Absolutely! We are working on the 2nd Beta at the moment and will release it soon to the wider audience of beta testers. 
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    First Beta was released in November. 
    Second Beta is about to be released in early December. 
    Depending on the feedback we will be receiving we will release osCommerce v4 as soon as it is possible.
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 Beta 1   
    Please refer to the terms and conditions and license as per the installation - which is GNU GPL - the rest of it will be updated accordingly before the launch. 
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in osCommerce v4 Beta 1   
    osCommerce v4 Beta 1 has been made available to a limited number of first reviewers today.
    We will work with the feedback we receive over the next couple of weeks, and will release Beta 2 to registered Beta-testers in early December 2021.
    Want to become a Beta tester? Contact us via the main website to register your interest now and receive access to Beta 2 in December!
    Providing we continue to receive reasonable feedback from the Beta testers we are looking to launch osCommerce v4 in early 2022.
    The wait is over!
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in Payment methods   
    osCommerce v4 will come with a number of payment methods. It is being debated now which ones will be included into the "box" installation and which ones will be moved to be apps (free or paid), so the list below is to be confirmed.
    Payment methods split in two major groups - online and offline.
    Each sale channel (front end or virtual) may have a number of specific payment methods assigned to it; one and the same payment method can be assigned to more than one sale channel, and in that case the settings of such payment method can be made completely different for different sales channels.
    Payment methods (same as shipping methods) can be present in the system but be not installed, or activated, or linked to a particular country or region. In that case they will appear in the back end (corresponding filters to be set) but not in the front end.

    Payment methods can be also linked to particular customer groups only. 
    Payment methods can be made available to particular parts of the system. So there could be payment methods only available to wholesale clients, or only to back end users for example.

    Offline payment methods are currently as follows:
    COD (Cash on Delivery)
    COD for POS
    Credit Card for POS
    Purchase Order (likely to be used by customers paying on account)
    Offline payments (general offline payment method)
    It is possible to easily extend this list and add more offline payment methods, they mostly act as placeholders and are mostly used to record the fact of payment and then run analytics on what methods customers used to pay. 
    Online payment methods are currently as follows (in no particular order):
    PayPal (various implementations, including Express checkout)
    Klarna checkout (likely + online finance!, to be confirmed)
    Recurly (to be confirmed)
    Pay by Amazon (to be confirmed)
    Humm by FlexiFi (online finance!) 
    Global Payments (former Realex)
    It is very likely that some of the above modules will be moved to a new category Online Finance before the release of osCommerce v4
    Stripe is also available as a payment module!, thanks @14steve14 for pointing this out!
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in Updating OSC 4.0   
    We will be looking to have an import tool to move data from osCommerce 2.x to v4, and later other systems. Will keep you posted! 
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    v4 of osCommerce will be made available through the main website at www.osCommerce.com and, likely, GitHub or similar in due course. We are working on rolling the Beta out and will keep you posted via the Forum. Thanks!
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    aisonet reacted to osCommerce-Official in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Thank you for your input guys.
    There has indeed been some delay in development, which has now been resolved.
    Will keep you posted about the release of the new version in due course.