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  1. I was having a similar problem and just temp-tested this edit on production server setup (not yet migrated to live store, of course) and it worked with no noticeable side effects as of yet. Just thought I might chime in :)
  2. jkarnes

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    I have been playing with this and other shipping modules all day getting prepared for the release of our revised OsC store, which will hopefully launch within a week or two. This will be the first time we have implemented the FedEx module for using FedEx service with OsC and I have gone through the paces with my account rep, played with the module and configured it in just about every way humanly possible. One thing that I just realized is that when envelope rates are set to true, it seems that Ground rates for international destinations do not show. When I set envelope rates to false, the Ground options (which of course only really work for Canada, shipping internationally from the US) return. I am wondering if there is a way to have the best of both worlds and be able to show them both, since we have volume discounts with FedEx and particularly good pricing for shipping our products with boxes that fit within the envelope guidelines. Playing around with it a bit, it also seems that when list rates is set to true, the only option I'm receiving is Ground for Canada, and all of the air options go away. I received a debug error with a test address to France saying that list rates were not permitted for international destinations: Data returned from Fedex for Rating: 0,"125"2,"E517"3,"Requests for list rates are not allowed for international."99,"" but for the Ontario, Canada test address, I don't receive any error in the debug. Just looking for any input and/or advice from people with more real world experience with the FedEx module and API up to this point than myself. Thanks!
  3. For a while now we have been having this problem and I could really use some help figuring out what the cause is. Seemingly at random, the following query will cause MYSQL to simply stop functioning and backs up so many threads that it consumes all available memory and CPU usage on my VPS and drags the whole thing to a stop. "select o.orders_status,p.* from orders o LEFT JOIN paypalipn_txn p on p.item_number = o.orders_id AN" This creates a "copying to tmp table" process in SQL that freezes and everything is toast.
  4. jkarnes


    Perhaps providing some sort of information as to exactly what the error is would aid in recieving a useful response?
  5. jkarnes

    Is it possible to 'resubmit' an order to PayPal?

    Your hypothetical situation makes complete sense. My concern is the idea of having to inconvenience those customers by asking them if they might wish to revisit the site and completely repurchase those products as opposed to gaining authorization to simply re-submit that order for verification if they are still interested. After further thought it appears to be completely impossible anyway since the PayPal checkout page is solely responsible for that payment information. If I have no IPN data there's zilch to reference other than a hollow order sitting in my cart.
  6. jkarnes

    Is it possible to 'resubmit' an order to PayPal?

    I'm already in the process of contacting each customer one-by-one regarding their orders, but if anyone has any input, feel free to share. Also, did anyone else suffer a similar fate this weekend? There were notices all over the PayPal site as well as eBay about the ordeal.
  7. jkarnes

    Is it possible to 'resubmit' an order to PayPal?

    Actually, the way I see it it's like taking a credit card order and running the credit card at a later date. In this case, a day or two later. No different than how a restaurant does tip adjustments on credit cards, for example. These orders were not declined, the PayPal site was flat out non-functional and thus they never made it there in the first place. There is no IPN information at all, no record of the order for anything having to do with PayPal - they're just sitting in my cart because OsCommerce thinks they've been paid for and are awaiting approval from PayPal since the transaction "left" my checkout.
  8. Over the weekend PayPal was having a ton of problems and it completely demolished my orders for Sat-Mon. I've got about 30 orders sitting in 'Processing' in my cart and no IPN results or payments in PayPal for those dates (particularly Monday the 11th - I have 0 completed orders for that day and 12 attempts). However, things seem to be working okay today. Is there any way for me to 'resubmit' these orders from my cart to PayPal for processing or am I just going to have to email each customer individually and try to resolve it one-on-one? I just figured I would ask before I got all involved in that.