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  1. netteria

    Old backend on php 7

    The view of the store is made for mobile devices. The administration panel only remained old due to the specially programmed tools for it.
  2. netteria

    Old backend on php 7

    Thank you. So is it possible for me to run it on php 7? I will try as you advise. Thank you very much for your help once again. And what else to watch out for when switching from php 5 to php 7 with such an old version of the administration panel?
  3. netteria

    Old backend on php 7

    Hi I have an old OSC version from 2003. There are software tools especially for the store so I can't really change it but I would like it to work on php 7. How do I do it? What to change? I was able to boot but now I have an error 1327 - Undeclared variable: MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS What this is about? How to change it? It works on php 5, but when I switch to php 7 it doesn't Maybe someone had to deal with this?
  4. netteria

    Custom templates

    Hi What FAQ would you recommend for building a template from scratch? Thanks Slawek