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  1. wieland

    Menu Editor

    Please dont think to much as a coder but as a customer(shop owner), dont get me wrong im a coder/database designer for 20 years and i love to code but to ofthen i see code/apps that are logical for the coder, but end users have??? and quite and sometimes yoyu have to protect the end user (ofcourse with GOOD reasoning why) My point, a page is a page there are only X type of pages needed, and shop owners/users want to make a page some where in the menu for there shop/website so let them navigate in the menu, and there add page (choose page type)
  2. wieland

    Currencies and Rounding

    I hope you think about to put the values as full numeric and not decial separeted in the database (example 1.00 USD as 100 in database) this wil make calculation much easier and when it has to be displayed you have just once to do 100/100. AND for shop owners who have prices like 0.00001 then its also possible, only thing thats needed a setting where shop owners can set the divisor like: divisor 100 = 1USD, divisor 10 = 10USD, divisor 1000 = 0.10 USD (cents) and so on and so on, but most of all will make all money calculations much bettter and the rounding of amounts have to be done ONLY ONCE (is more accurate) at display time