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  1. I want to Create an ecommerce website where users will be able to add members/Friends, can make Wishlist/Interests and can publish to their profile with desired privacy, so that their friends can choose gifts for them and the user have option to accept or reject the gift and on rejection can make refund to the other user. kindly suggest best possible solutions regarding above scenario.
  2. developer12

    Wishlist & User Interest

    Hello, i have a set of requirements Related to User Wishlist and purchasing according to interest. I have found a plugin through which user can create their Wishlist and can share with friends via email and other social networks, but is there any way/plugin available for users to show their Wishlist on profile and other users can access it to browse the products of their interest?
  3. developer12

    Adding Friends and Members

    Hello, is there any plugin through which we can create a social network of users? and also can send invites via email to join the website and can create their own social circle? if not available then please suggest the best possible solution which is near to requirements.
  4. developer12

    How users can create events

    Hello i need some help in regard to available plugins. Kindly let me know is there any plugin available which can enable a user to add events their Profile? and show these events to their selected audience?