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  1. Denoscom


    Well I do not understand the version control system for language translation in the OSC v4 b2 application. However I tried to install the Spanish translation of @Dr. Mary Calaveris (such beautiful eyes for such hard work, thank you 🤩) with a copy and paste into a ".csv" file to be able to import this translated data, but it seems that this is not the right method. My database for languages is broken (NEVER DO THAT). Unfortunately, I have to reinstall Oscommerce v4 b2 completely. I do not want to continue the translation this way. I prefer to wait for the new version of OSC V4 with the different languages integrated.
  2. Denoscom


    Hi, When I read the previous messages, I wonder where are the translations of version 4? When I installed version 4 b2, I upgraded to the German and French languages, but the translations are not available. By this I mean that I installed the languages from the OSCommereV4 application, but the translations are still not done. Everything is in English no matter what language is selected. My problem is how I can get these translations updated either by updating the translations from the configuration or by reinstalling everything. I would also like to know if the translations in these languages are ready or do I still need to translate them? I ask this question to know if there is a common application for translation. I have started to translate into French and German from English for the Oscommerce v4 b2 application.
  3. Denoscom

    osCommerce Wiki

    Ok, great, but I would like to contribute and help by testing the beta version in order to write an article (magazine/tutorial/wiki) for the French users.
  4. Denoscom

    osCommerce Wiki

    Hello, Thanks you for this wiki https://wiki.oscommerce.com/ But where can you find Oscommerce v4 in order to download?