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  1. eggzero168

    WYSIWYG HTMLArea Problems, please help

    I was having similar problem. If you do file comparsion between the /admin/categories.php and what the instruction ask you do to, you will find step STEP 1.1g has bug in there. you need to chaged it!
  2. Can I give some suggestions? If I am the customer, and I already decide to use paypal as my payment method, can I skip every thing and go straight to paypal site to pay? 1. If I am already a paypal user, I will not need to enter those personal information again because paypal will have my profile info. 2. If I am not a paypal user, paypal will ask me to enter personal info again. So I will have to enter my personal info twice. 3. By pass security concern because paypal is the one who responsible for secure customer's personal info.