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  1. I haven't been here for a few years. But now i am looking for some dev support. I see you can't post it on the forums anymore... Has it been completely removed? I can only get help by 2 partners of OsCommerce choice? I don't understand. I have been looking around on google but i can't find any other sites where i can post my inquiry and hire an OsCommerce developer of my choice. Other then generic developers i want someone with OsCommerce experience. Or am i mistaken? Can anyone point me to an active site where i can post my request for paid help by an experienced OsCommerce developer. Or can i now, in OpenSource land, only pick between the 2 companies that are 'partnered' with osCommerce? Thanks for replying
  2. I thought my shop should be updated as it hasn't been in years and i saw a 4.0 is coming anounchement. So i thought i should do an upgrade now before the gap get's to big. And i probably get a lot of new features. But now i see the most recent one is years old... So it is worth upgrading at all? Especially since i have some custom work done that might break. I also read something about a Phoenix fork. So it that really worth it? Or won't i be able to upgrade to 4.0 once it's here. And will all my done custom work break / i won't be able to use any of exsisting add-ons except phoenix ones? Thanks for reading