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  1. Hi Thanks for the fix, I actually gave up on this mod a long time ago. I tested your fix, but the only thing I dont see a need for was this bit of code: //delete categories saved in the tables tep_db_query("delete from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " where products_id = '". $products_id . "'"); Why do you have this in there? All it seems to do is delete the product completely when you try to edit it... Without that line the mod works perfectly now. Just wondered why you added it? Thnx again CC.
  2. My thoughts would be you need to get your thinking cap on and perhaps help create this required mod...
  3. Just look how the others are set out in application_top, it isnt difficult. There are loads of files named like this: define('TABLE_SESSIONS', 'sessions'); You havent actually defined the table. Your basically telling OSC that when TABLE_PRODUCTS_BUNDLES is called to call the products_bundle from the DB, so you have to tell it the name of the table. The example above shows you how the "sessions" table in the DB is defined.
  4. It isnt in a language file, you need to define it in application_top or database_filenames or whatever it is called. I use an older version whcih doesnt have database_filenames but you need to define the TABLE_PRODUCTS_BUNDLES in which ever file you have.
  5. Read back dude, that has been the problem for the last 10 pages! Solution still not been found yet...
  6. You are missing this function, most likely in general.php in functions directory: tep_array_merge It maybe specified somewhere in the mod, I havent attempted to install it yet as I would like to see it on another working site first... :)
  7. Looking like a nice mod mate, I see alot of US stores use this kind of thing. Here in the UK not so many do, but I am sure if it works over there it would be a nice addition over here too! Do you have any demo links to see it in action?
  8. Ok, Well currently we use the latest version of IE6, all updates run. It doesnt appear to do this, even if we delete the selected bundles items by removing yes, it doesnt delete anything, so soon as we put "yes" back in, it refills the items with the ones selected when the bundle was created. So it is leaving the items in the table still it would appear... This is perhaps where it is failing, if it isnt deleting them in order to recreate, then it may not be reaching the recreation stage.
  9. Short answer, skipping Preview page doesnt fix the Bundle editting problem. I am beginning to this that somewhere on the update the new details are clearly not being passed to the DB. Will just have to go thru the categories code and find out where it is being missed. Will let ya know... Again... :(
  10. Erm... Why oh why does PHP trick me so much? ;) Now to skip the step I seem to have changed the very obvious point of the form, from new_products_preview to update_product This works, but I am a tad dubious that this was too simple, and that I am not skipping other required steps before the update. I will test away and let you know if anything controversial happens, BTW I havent found out if this fixes the bundle edit problem either yet. Will let you know.
  11. Ok guys, am looking for a definitive answer here now guys, if any of you can be so kind as to help... Apparently we are having a big push on Bundles this coming week, lots of new products etc, now the responsibilty falls to me to be able to get this bundles mod working. Altho it does work, this bug with not updating when you try to alter a bundle is causing me grief :( I have searched and searched on the bypassing of the preview step an am finding nothing. Could someone please either drop in the code they used to bypass this step (which I feel is a useless part of OSC anyway) or perhaps lets look to modify the bundles code so that it will work using the preview page... I am going over it now and seeing what I can come up with, but in the meantime if ANYONE here can help at all it would be highly appreciated. Ta.
  12. Actually I am struggling with this too. I figured the skipping of this process would be simple... But it aint. Can someone who has completed the skipping of the Preview step drop in the code they used so we can make the same changes? It is very frustrating having to delete and recreate a bundle when all we want to do is alter one... Thanks all.
  13. Hi all Is anyone out there using the BUY_TWO_MODULE contribution found here:,2155 It is a great mod, but I wanted to know if anyone has looked into making this work with products NOT in the same category? We sell PC Parts, and want to link specific categories together. i.e. CPU's + Heatsinks. The contribution at present only links products in the same category i.e. CPU's + CPU's And it is not likely anyone will buy 2 linked CPU's for a discount, as they will usually only ever buy one. Any ideas or feedback on creating this would be appreciated. Likewise if I get anything created myself I will share it here. ;) CC.
  14. Did anyone ever figure out how to alter a bundle? Everytime we try to change an already existing bundle, the changes made do not take effect. We end up having to delete it and then recreate it, and it takes too long. Was it something to do with this Preview step? Anyone who knows how this is fixed please gimme a shout. ta. CC.
  15. Lo all Just a quickie about the Protx VSP Direct mod. We have tried this out and got it working to a certain extent, a javascript error and problems with CC recognition, but what I really need to know is... Protx mention you need your own backend pages for things such as Refunds, Pre Auth and Deferrals etc. Has anyone created this when using this mod? If so what sort of page creation are they talking about? Their support is less than helpful, so I hoped some users of this system may know a little better. Also if we used VSP Direct, could we not just refund using our PDQ machine? Thanks for any responses that come back. CC.