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    osCommerce-Official got a reaction from Papanco in osCommerce v4 demo   
    @milerwan@Papanco@sackling invited you! 
    Otherers are welcome to join, I just need their interest indicated here 
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Papanco in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Very interested! Thanks
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to milerwan in osCommerce v4 demo   
    I'm interesting by this demo too.
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    osCommerce-Official got a reaction from sackling in osCommerce v4 demo   
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to sackling in osCommerce v4 demo   
    I'd love to join
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to mfleeson in Typical "How to" questions   
    How about specific country based specifications, i.e. a UK based store, a French base store, a German based store?
    I'd be happy to help code the UK specific ones with Royal Mail shipping, Nochex and Paypal payments.
    The screen shots are looking great, I'm looking forward to looking under the cover
    Best Wishes
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to stubbsy in Typical "How to" questions   
    How to set up multiple stores with different domain names and shared admin
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to josmar in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I'm an observer. I have done some translations for Portuguese Brazil. I am waiting for this new version so that I can run my best hobby that is doing translation. I await the version  V4
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Geotex in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I saw something about a ver. 4 coming. Been a member of this forum since Feb. 2003, bout probably have not been here for 5 years or so.
    Developed a lot of carts, with a lot of customization. I stopped maintaining my installations about 8 years age as so much had gone stale, and no serious path forward.
    Downloaded the I am surprised to see all the old code. Looking forward to seeing what come out in Ver. 4, as osCommerce was such a strong force for so many years.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to ChrisHoward in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Great to drop back in after a long time away and excited to see what's in store for OS4! 
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to petervd in New management and osCommerce v4   
    Yesterday I had a presentation where I was shown the beta in a development environment as well as seeing it in action on a couple of live webshops using google screenshare.
    I havent actually used it myself! I purely watched a presentation so I can not really say anything about its usability, its speed, its included features/modules/add-ons etc.

    But I liked what I saw so far. A nice, modern and extensive ecommerce software with a very decent looking default theme. The admin panel is very extensive, at times a little confusing due to all options and extra options. I was told they are reworking that to make it all a bit clearer and easier to use.

    I applied to be a beta tester for version 4.x and have decided to keep my stores at the current version and wait and see what version 4.x brings. 🙂

    Thanks to Vadym for the presentation.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to syntaxerror in Translations   
    Sorry but I don't get the idea of "traditional osCommerce". The community could well translate at Crowdin, much easier and safer and better. You could even use a oscommerce.com subdomain for it. In any way you're free to control the team members, if it should be open for all, or just by request - and also who should be the language proofreaders.

    Now tell me, what's the difference in using Excell over notepad?  There is no translation memory, no context info, no proposals, no nothing. Also you talked about providing the files previously, so I guess there is no backend ready with a translation interface, having support for translation memory etc. Sorry if I got you wrong, but I got a feeling you don't have any experience with translation work or tools like Crowdin, so I would recommend checking it out and consulting the Crowdin team. Crowdin is free for open source projects, with public available code ... 👍
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    osCommerce-Official got a reaction from FIMBLE in Order Editor   
    Nic, thanks for your comments! 
    osCommerce is becoming a modern, featured Ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large businesses. With v4 we will bring the solution that has been developed for a bit more than 5 years to the market. 
    osCommerce will continue being a free open source Ecommerce solution. At least until / if we also launch a "saas" version of it. But on-premises version will always be like that. 
    We are looking at osCommerce as a business. It needs to be sustainable for osCommerce itself, and of course for osCommerce developers and designers - members of this Community. And so, the core version will be free, multiple add-ons (apps, modules, widgets, themes) will also be free. There will be paid apps. There will be paid support services. There will be some arrangements about the development programme perhaps. This is being worked on at the moment. The main point is that for osCommerce to be as such, it needs to become profitable for everyone involved.
    osCommerce can not develop and benefit if osCommerce designers and developers will not develop and benefit in the first turn. 
    BTW you're welcome to request a demo and we will add you to the next available time slot if you like - do it via the Contact form on the main website please
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Krisz1 in New management and osCommerce v4   
    I stil use the Mario Valdez GUI interface until this day. Great for product maintenance. Sadly, the 'calendar' for products got stuck at December 31, 2020. Guess he didn't think people will still be using his software up to this day!.. 
    I started with 2.2MS2, now, using 2.3.4 in my live store. An OsCommerce fan since 2003. Looking forward for a seamless upgrade and being part of this community. 
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to syntaxerror in Translations   
    Why not just use a online tool like Crowdin?
    Going back to translating files in t.ex. notepad in 2021 sounds like a bad idea, but if arranged in other ways I could consider contributing to Norwegian Bokmål. 
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to HanV in Translations   
    I can help again with the Dutch translation.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to alexiscruz007 in Menu Editor   
    Great i wait osco 4.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to deansmar in Shipping methods   
    From me are the same comments as in payment methods...
    If I remember correctly, we have not used any of the supplied shipping methods.. all ours are addons..
      Request freight quote, Royal Mail, parcel force, interlink ...
    So long as the add ons are available for V4 that would be okay for me..  😉
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to sackling in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Just to be clear, there is tons of interest in V4 (especially from me). I think Smoky Barnable meant there was no context in the original post here in that we are all eagerly awaiting a demo, but did not see one available to anyone else. 
    Since your post it is a little more clear that you got a personal demo, and we truly appreciate seeing all of the screenshots. 
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Hotclutch in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Hi Loic. I think there might be some misunderstanding. I am sure there's a lot of interest in osCommerce's future, even if the forum is very quiet about it. You can continue to post / show what you want.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Gyakutsuki in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Maybe for you, maybe not for some other people inside the community. If some people do not want to see the furtur with Osc, let me know, I will stop.
    I will do that for the community, not for me.
    Thank you.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Gyakutsuki in osCommerce v4 demo   
    I will share little screenshot with you and we can talk.
    For this one, it's categories and products. Quick similar to the current Osc on the process
    To the top : we will have powerful  filter - By default it's open ==> Point of view it's better to be close when the page is open, This box takes a lot of place on the screen,
    After, as Osc, you can create your categories and your products
    At the left 2 tabs : categories and brand
    When you create a category, the category is off by default (grey). It's must be activated on this page (no status inside the category page)
    You can organize your category by a drag and drop, it's easy, At the right, it's automatically updated. For the products (at right) the process is the same.
    To access inside the category, you must click on the left box and you will see all what you have inside, sub category and products.
    I do not know why exactly we have 2 same buttons, one on the top (add a category, add product, add bundle) and inside the first tab caetgory tab (add category, add Product)
    Nothing more to tell on this page.
    The next capture will be a focus on the category feature. I will just wait a little to let you to ask a question  if it's not clear.

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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Gyakutsuki in osCommerce v4 demo   
    Ok I continue with some other image on categories
    there is 6 tabs -
    One allows to manage some restriction and depends of the channel (Note the application allow multi website)  - Maybe Vadym can tell us a little more on that
    One is for title and description, managed by CKEditor and ckImage
    One is to manage the image (it's weird inside the application called Main details). Inside you can have a gallery, specific image on the home page, add additional image ....)
    One on Seo - A lot of features are inside to allow you to manage all that you want to increase the rank
    One link with the suppliers allowing to manage  categories quantity discount
    At the end, one allowing to manage a specific template on the page or the channel think

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    osCommerce-Official reacted to gritsop in App Store or Add-on Store or...?   
    Add or plug-in. It is better to call it as such to denote it is an enhancement to the main platform.
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    osCommerce-Official reacted to Papanco in osCommerce v4 demo   
    @Gyakutsuki  @osCommerce-Official here's how to arouse everyone's curiosity. 😁