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  1. osCommerce v4 is coming with support for Multiple Design Templates and built in Template Builder. Template management doesn't require any PHP coding, and is done via the back end of the website. It is possible to create, import, and export multiple design templates. This opens ways for professional designers and developers to offer their osCommerce templates for sale in the future App Marketplace - announcements to follow. Design templates are managed and modified via the back end of osCommerce, using a special built in Designer. It is possible to edit template settings in several ways (visual editor and CSS editor). It is possible to add, move, and delete various widgets from any page of the osCommerce website. Additionally, all documents (invoices, packing slips, emails) can be edited if required. It is also possible to create copies of the existing pages. For example, there can be 2 or more product pages, and different products can be assigned different designs of the product page. Support for Responsive design is implemented, as well as an additional optional Mobile view for each template. The system allows both professional designers and end users (i.e. shop owners) change the look and feel of the osCommerce online store without going deep into the code or even without HTML knowledge. Of course designers and developers are able to modify widgets or create new widgets to extend functionality of osCommerce v4 Have any comments or questions? - please feel free to post them here. Interested in becoming a Beta tester - sign up via the Contact Us form on osCommerce.com website to be added to the list, get notified about the releases quicker, and get access to the Beta version as soon as it becomes available. Would you like to learn how to create beautiful osCommerce templates and offer them on this website to shop owners? Sign up via our Contact page. Watch this space!
  2. osCommerce-Official

    Menu Editor

    Menu is a totally new concept in osCommerce v4 that comes built in and "out of the box". Instead of website menu being effectively a copy of the category tree in previous versions of osCommerce, in version 4 we have created a totally separate entity for menus, which can be embedded into any part of any page. And so, Menus are managed from a special section of the back end: You can switch between different menus existing in the system or create a new one. It is possible to export and import menus, to move them between websites. A menu is a list of a tree of choices. Each menu item can have its own name, link (if not predefined link to one of the website's pages), and style class: So, it is possible to rename categories as they get added to the menu, or even have the same category more than once in the menu. Besides categories and brands, It is also possible to add links to website's pages (like Shopping cart, Contact, etc), to the content pages (like About, Privacy policy, etc), or to a completely random URL (custom link).
  3. Dear all, We are offering an early opportunity to upgrade your osCommerce 2.x (or one of its forks) website to osCommerce 4. Please kindly note, we do not offer any customisations in either design or functionality. It is more about product and other data migration to the new version of osCommerce. So, if you have an osCommerce 2.x or an osCommerce-fork-based website and would like to switch to osCommerce 4 - please PM us and we will choose 2-3 websites for this migration test run. Thank you!
  4. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce 4 beta 2 Internal Server Error?

    Please kindly note have stopped distributing B2 in anticipation of the release of the new version of osCommerce (v4) to the public. Please keep an eye on the official news and release notes on these Forums, and the main osCommerce.com website.
  5. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 has been released this week! Its preview can be seen here: https://osc4.tllab.co.uk/ Current Beta is closer to the planned release version. We have removed a number of add-ons to simplify the installation. They will be re-instated via the App store, most of them free. Beta 2 comes with: installation tool 2 demo front ends osCommerce back end data import tool to migrate data from old osCommerce 2.x instructions on how to submit your feedback Download links have been emailed to all Beta testers. If you have not received your link, please check your "spam" folder just in case, and contact us via this Forum to have the link re-sent to you. If you wanted to try Beta 2 but didn't sign up - get in touch with us via the Forum or via the Contact form on the website and we will sort it for you. osCommerce v4 will be released shortly as a powerful modern modular optimised FREE open source Ecommerce solution! Kind regards, osCommerce team
  6. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    We are working on a special feature that will import various data from old osCommerce and its forks, including 1.x It will be released along osCommerce v4. As to the feeling - know what you talking about, it feels very special for us too. Will be posting a video log about it soon. Its been 20 years this May since we released our first osCommerce website.
  7. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta download

    Dear All, As we are getting closer to launching osCommerce v4, we have made a decision to not promote osCommerce v4 Beta 2 download anymore. The release of v4 will be slightly different from v4 B2 and we would like to not confuse the users. Please bear with us, the release of open source, free osCommerce v4 will be announced shortly on the main osCommerce.com website and on these forums (and many other online platforms). If you're a development partner and would like to learn more about v4, please do get in touch before the release. Thank you!
  8. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce.com website

    Dear All, We have updated the platform of the main osCommerce.com website, getting it ready for the release of osCommerce v4 in the next few weeks. Please PM us via the Forum if you have experienced any issue with the main website. Thanks!
  9. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce.com website

    Valqui, thanks for your comments! We are working on updating the whole of the eco-system of osCommerce. Some old parts that have not been used for years will be removed, some existing parts will be replaced. Announcements to come shortly. The main point is release of the new osCommerce v4 that is coming in just a few weeks from now. Open source and free.
  10. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - download

    Please could you send a message and we will send you a download link. OsCommerce will be free, always. There will also be free and paid apps for it.
  11. osCommerce-Official

    Marketing features

    osCommerce v4 has an extensive set of Marketing tools designed to help businesses grow, and at the same time - making it easier for Marketing managers and consultants to run their day-to-day activities. First of all, websites based on osCommerce v4 come with advanced on-site SEO modules. Each instance, like categories, products, content pages, home page, etc automatically receives an SEO-friendly title, URL, description, etc which can be overridden in the back end. Site speed is of the paramount importance, hence most osCommerce v4 websites can reach 95+ in Google Page Speed tests (providing product, content, and banner images are properly optimised for web use). osCommerce comes with Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers pre-implemented. Same goes for Abandoned Shopping Carts (or Recover Carts). There’s a difference to the previous implementations though, as now it is possible to convert an abandoned shopping cart into a new order directly from the back end of the website. Banner management comes by default, with facilities to create and manage text, image, or HTML banners. Advanced Promotions program allows creating various special deals and publishing them on the website. The likes of “Buy X, get Y cheaper” or “Buy any of the X category and get special price on Y category”, or “Spend X and get Y free of charge” and many more are now available. There also exists pre-integration with TrustPilot, Give away feature, Product Collection management, Testimonials, web Chat (based on Tawk.to), and Newsletter management (via integration with Mail Chimp). Have questions or comments? Post them here!
  12. osCommerce-Official

    oscommerce v4 - demo preview website

    New release of osCommerce is to be made available shortly. We are just about to release an RC, which will be followed by osCommerce v4.
  13. As we are nearing the release of osCommerce v4 B2, we would like to invite osCommerce developers, development partners, and experts on this Forum to contact us via the messenger to discuss your solutions and services and how they can be offered to the clients via osCommerce (site and Forum). Looking forward to having a conversation with you!
  14. osCommerce v4 comes with a migration tool to import data from old osCommerce 2.x and some osCommerce forks that use same or similar DB (the latter MAY work but is not guaranteed to work). We have created a Wiki manual about how to use the migration tool: https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Importing_Data_from_Older_osCommerce_Version_to_New_One However we STRONGLY recommend using a qualified development partner to migrate data from old osCommerce.
  15. osCommerce-Official

    To the developers of v4

    Thanks for the suggestion. It has already been implemented: https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Managing_Admin_Members_with_Limited_Access
  16. osCommerce-Official

    oscommerce v4 - demo preview website

    There is not one at the moment, although happy to give you a demo via Google if you like. Please contact us via this forum. Thanks! Also, planning a release in the next few weeks, free and open source.
  17. osCommerce-Official

    Why the need for a Google Tag Manager App/Module?

    BTW it is built into osCommerce v4
  18. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    osCommerce is under new management. We thank Harald Ponce de Leon and the historical development team, wholeheartedly, for creating osCommerce and will now work hard to develop it into a modern successful Ecommerce platform. osCommerce v4 is to be released in 2021! osCommerce will continue being open source and FREE to use. There will be an opportunity for developers and designers to offer their commercial products (apps) and services in osCommerce Shop. osCommerce v4 is about: business growth for shop owners new revenue streams for designers and developers modern, powerful, and secure Ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large B2C and B2B businesses API-based integration with 3rd parties osCommerce that is easy to support, maintain, and upgrade mobile and SEO friendly platform smooth migration from osCommerce 2.x and other Ecommerce solutions Discussions on this release are welcome at the Forums, where a new section for osCommerce v4 has been created. Questions about osCommerce shall be emailed to hello@oscommerce.com Development Partners and Beta Testers are always welcome! Please sign up via our Contact Page. We will notify you when the Beta version becomes available (likely in June 2021). Development Partners - we will make preview versions available to you, please indicate your interest when signing up for the Beta Program. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for a new release of osCommerce!
  19. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - download

    Good day! Updates have been sent via the messenger. Sorry for the delay, will keep communication up to date!
  20. osCommerce-Official

    Can Paypal Later Be Integrated into Current OsCommerce?

    As it stands currently, end of April / early May. Comes with PayPal buy now pay later. Please kindly note it is not available in all the countries but only a few, like the USA, UK, and some others for now. @VladMal will likely make some announcements regarding the new version release too in the next few weeks.
  21. osCommerce-Official

    Can Paypal Later Be Integrated into Current OsCommerce?

    Yes it is possible with osCommerce v4.
  22. osCommerce-Official

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    osCommerce v4 comes fully prepared with modern on-site SEO features. 1. Page properties Every entity like product, category, landing page, website pages have editable page URL, title, description, H tags, image alts, and so on. It is possible to set templates for each type of page in the SEO settings in the back end. And it is also possible to override those settings to make granular changes to, for example, product catalog. 2. Rich text snippets describe pages in a better way for Google and other search engines 3. Pre-integration with Google tools (Analytics, Tag manager, various Trackers), where only the account code needs to be specified in the back end to complete the integration 4. osCommerce v4 allows for redirects (301) to be set for particular entities (like products, etc) or through the whole website (SEO redirects functionality) 5. XML site maps are generated automatically by the website 6. Page load speed has been optimised to pass Google Page Speed test successfully SEO functionality comes "out of the box" and will be included into osCommerce v4 FREE and open source version. Watch this space, more updates to follow!
  23. osCommerce-Official

    Payment methods

    osCommerce v4 will come with a number of payment methods. It is being debated now which ones will be included into the "box" installation and which ones will be moved to be apps (free or paid), so the list below is to be confirmed. Payment methods split in two major groups - online and offline. Each sale channel (front end or virtual) may have a number of specific payment methods assigned to it; one and the same payment method can be assigned to more than one sale channel, and in that case the settings of such payment method can be made completely different for different sales channels. Payment methods (same as shipping methods) can be present in the system but be not installed, or activated, or linked to a particular country or region. In that case they will appear in the back end (corresponding filters to be set) but not in the front end. Payment methods can be also linked to particular customer groups only. Payment methods can be made available to particular parts of the system. So there could be payment methods only available to wholesale clients, or only to back end users for example. Offline payment methods are currently as follows: COD (Cash on Delivery) COD for POS Credit Card for POS Cash Collect Purchase Order (likely to be used by customers paying on account) Offline payments (general offline payment method) It is possible to easily extend this list and add more offline payment methods, they mostly act as placeholders and are mostly used to record the fact of payment and then run analytics on what methods customers used to pay. Online payment methods are currently as follows (in no particular order): SecurePay BrainTree Authorize.net PayPal (various implementations, including Express checkout) Klarna checkout (likely + online finance!, to be confirmed) Poli WorldPay SagePay Recurly (to be confirmed) SecPay Pay by Amazon (to be confirmed) MultiSafePay Layby Humm by FlexiFi (online finance!) Global Payments (former Realex) LiqPay OxiPay It is very likely that some of the above modules will be moved to a new category Online Finance before the release of osCommerce v4 UPDATE: Stripe is also available as a payment module!, thanks @14steve14 for pointing this out!
  24. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - download

    Hi John! Certainly, will message you ASAP
  25. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - download

    Please can all wanting to test B2 message us so that we could give you the links? Thanks!