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    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    Hi all, Going to have the next demo on Thursday the 13th of May at 4:30pm UK time. It will be a live demo of the current version of the platform, front end and back end. If you've already seen a demo last month, you probably wont find many differences there, but those who have not done it - you're VERY welcome to join. Will send a Google Meet invitation to anyone interested - please contact via the Contact Us form on the main website and provide email address to send it to. Have a nice weekend!
  2. osCommerce-Official

    Shipping methods

    Same as the Payment methods, Shipping methods in osCommerce v4 can be linked to: - a particular sales channel (website) - customer group - country or region and be available for the front end (checkout or quotation), back end, and POS. Shipping methods can be also linked with one or more tracking methods (to be described further). Same as the payment methods, Shipping methods can be installed, enabled or disabled. There exist a number of "offline" shipping methods, where prices are set manually in the back end. And a number of "online" shipping methods, which provide integration with the corresponding shipping provider's API. It is very likely that "online" shipping methods will find their way to a special section of the back end when osCommerce v4 is released. It is also likely that such "online" shipping methods will be made available through the marketplace, either for free or for a nominal fee (in the latter case it will be surely less than their analogues from WooCommerce, etc). And of course osCommerce developers will be very welcome to create new solutions and list them as apps too. One interesting new solution is Click and Collect shipping. It is possible to set Click and Collect locations in the settings of osCommerce v4, and then allow customers to choose Click and Collect as a shipping option on checkout. Here is the list of currently present "online" shipping modules, in no particular order: - FedEx - DHL - UPS - USPS - TNT express - NovaPoshta Another interesting new solution is a so called Zone Table method: - it allows for setting up various shipping zones, by country, by region of the country, or even a range of post/zip codes - it allows for setting up various shipping methods and naming them accordingly - and finally, it links zones and shipping methods together, allowing setting up delivery costs by order price, weight, volume, dimensions, etc
  3. osCommerce-Official

    Marketplace features

    Thank you very much Loic, it is an interesting one indeed! osCommerce will be coming with possibility of integration with existing marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, CDiscount) but this is a whole new thing - its own marketplace - and will be extremely interesting to implement if there exists enough demand for it.
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    Happy International Women's Day!

    Wishing all those wonderful women on this Forum, users of osCommerce, Ecommerce designers and developers, CEOs of their companies, amazing human beings, to have a fantastic International Women's Day! Huge respect to you, not just on this day, but at all times. Team of osCommerce
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    Marketing features

    osCommerce v4 has an extensive set of Marketing tools designed to help businesses grow, and at the same time - making it easier for Marketing managers and consultants to run their day-to-day activities. First of all, websites based on osCommerce v4 come with advanced on-site SEO modules. Each instance, like categories, products, content pages, home page, etc automatically receives an SEO-friendly title, URL, description, etc which can be overridden in the back end. Site speed is of the paramount importance, hence most osCommerce v4 websites can reach 95+ in Google Page Speed tests (providing product, content, and banner images are properly optimised for web use). osCommerce comes with Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers pre-implemented. Same goes for Abandoned Shopping Carts (or Recover Carts). There’s a difference to the previous implementations though, as now it is possible to convert an abandoned shopping cart into a new order directly from the back end of the website. Banner management comes by default, with facilities to create and manage text, image, or HTML banners. Advanced Promotions program allows creating various special deals and publishing them on the website. The likes of “Buy X, get Y cheaper” or “Buy any of the X category and get special price on Y category”, or “Spend X and get Y free of charge” and many more are now available. There also exists pre-integration with TrustPilot, Give away feature, Product Collection management, Testimonials, web Chat (based on Tawk.to), and Newsletter management (via integration with Mail Chimp). Have questions or comments? Post them here!
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    Typical "How to" questions

    Would like to ask everyone to post here their typical "how to" questions, based on their real-life experience working with osCommerce and other Ecommerce solutions. Example: How to set up PayPal Express Checkout? How to create virtual products? How to change logo? Thanks for your help, it will help make osCommerce v4 a better platform.
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    osCommerce v4 demo

    Hi Violet, not a problem at all, there will be one this week, will post about it shortly.
  8. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 demo

    @Gyakutsuki nice talking to you today! Having reviewed a bit of new osCommerce v4, could you please provide your un-biased comments and opinion of what you've seen today? Thanks!
  9. osCommerce-Official

    placing site from local host to real host problems

    Steve, please refrain from advertising other shopping carts on this forum. We welcome all users of any software of course, and would appreciate new osCommerce v4 to be judged on its merits by its users. If you prefer to use another ecommerce software - that's absolutely fine, but you'll not be allowed to promote it here. Also, please be reasonable and factual about the other ecommerce software and its recent history with osCommerce - happy to have a chat with you to not make it a public emotional discussion if you like.
  10. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Wiki

    Looking for contributors to the new osCommerce wiki. We need to create usable manuals, real-life "how to" instructions for merchants. We also need to create manuals for designers and developers. Please comment here to indicate your interest or contact us via the website. Thanks!
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    osCommerce v4 demo

    Sorry it's just finished! Will invite you to the next one!
  12. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    osCommerce is under new management. We thank Harald Ponce de Leon and the historical development team, wholeheartedly, for creating osCommerce and will now work hard to develop it into a modern successful Ecommerce platform. osCommerce v4 is to be released in 2021! osCommerce will continue being open source and FREE to use. There will be an opportunity for developers and designers to offer their commercial products (apps) and services in osCommerce Shop. osCommerce v4 is about: business growth for shop owners new revenue streams for designers and developers modern, powerful, and secure Ecommerce platform for small, medium, and large B2C and B2B businesses API-based integration with 3rd parties osCommerce that is easy to support, maintain, and upgrade mobile and SEO friendly platform smooth migration from osCommerce 2.x and other Ecommerce solutions Discussions on this release are welcome at the Forums, where a new section for osCommerce v4 has been created. Questions about osCommerce shall be emailed to hello@oscommerce.com Development Partners and Beta Testers are always welcome! Please sign up via our Contact Page. We will notify you when the Beta version becomes available (likely in June 2021). Development Partners - we will make preview versions available to you, please indicate your interest when signing up for the Beta Program. Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for a new release of osCommerce!
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    osCommerce v4 demo

    Great! Please contact us via the contact form on the main website and we will send an invite for the tomorrow's demo.
  14. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    We are aiming for mid summer for a beta version. Yes you can edit pages (content and design) from the back end and create multiple design templates. You can import and export product data in csv formats. There are certain sales reports built in, and if course full integration with Google tag management and analytics.
  15. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 demo

    Edward, To answer your questions in general: - osCommerce v4 will be based on the latest version of the Ecommerce platform that has been in development for the last 5.5 years. Not sure about which instance you've seen, but osCommerce v4 will be based on the latest PHP for this year - PHP 8. There are no plans to have an Ecommerce platform competing with osCommerce on the same market after osCommerce v4 is released. - osCommerce v4 is a considerable difference to osCommerce v2 and other solutions, however we would not recommend investing time into learning of the previous versions of this Ecommerce platform. There could be differences in design templates, data structure, etc. There are currently no plans to move customers from their websites built using the previous version of the platform to osCommerce v4. - osCommerce v4 is, first of all, for this community of merchants, developers, designers, consultants, everyone. And of course it is for the world - for far too many years this great brand was not developing and it is time to bring it back to prominence.
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    osCommerce v4 demo

    Invited you for a 1pm UK time demo on Monday!
  17. osCommerce-Official


    Looking for volunteers to help check and complete translations of osCommerce v4 into your native languages. To start with: - Dutch - German - French - Spanish - Norwegian - Italian - feel free to offer yours here! Besides our gratitude and mentioning in this Forum, will provide you with all possible features and apps for your online store on top of osCommerce v4 when it becomes available. Thanks!
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    osCommerce v4 demo

  19. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 demo

  20. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 demo

    @milerwan@Papanco@sackling invited you! Otherers are welcome to join, I just need their interest indicated here
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    osCommerce v4 demo

  22. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 demo

    There will be a demo on Wednesday the 7th at 3pm UK time - if someone would like to join, please message via this Forum and receive an invitation to your email address. Thanks!
  23. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce - update of email software

    Good evening! We're indeed changing the email software and need to move to mail chimp from what it was before. Hence the email.
  24. osCommerce-Official

    Order Editor

    osCommerce v4 comes with a built-in facility to create new orders (MOTO - mail order / telephone order) and edit existing orders. The process of creating an order and editing an existing order is very similar, and uses the same interface in the back end. To create a new order the operator shall first choose the sale channel (in case of multiple sale channels), and then either choose an existing customer account or create a new one. NOTE: the front end and back end of osCommerce v4 may share payment and shipping methods, but one can have specific backend-only payment and shipping methods. However, if a payment or shipping method is linked to a 3rd party API, that API integration will work as well in the front end as in the back end. Adding products is quite easy to a new order. The operator can search by product model, name, etc. Before product gets added to the order, product price can be edited and quantity of items chosen. Order total modules can be edited too. So it is possible to add any type of discount or surcharge, or use an existing coupon that will apply discount as if it was applied in the front end. One done with creating a new order or editing an existing one, the operator shall press the Update and Pay button. It then offers 3 options: - just save - i.e. just save the order without recording any amount paid, thus not evaluation order status further - mark as paid - i.e. if the order was paid for over the phone or in any other way - send secure payment link - osCommerce will email the payment link to the customer, so that the customer could pay via the website's secure checkout using one of the available payment methods (works really well with 3d secure, for example) In case of a refund being due, it is possible to refund the money to the customer via a compatible payment method, or simply update the order if the refund is being processed outside of osCommerce. osCommerce keep track of amounts paid, and allows to see the amount due or amount owed to the customer.
  25. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 demo

    Loic, btw there's a whole lot of features under "Marketing / Promotions / Prices". Some of them can be quite interesting, and allow setting up special prices on a bulk load of products.