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  1. osCommerce-Official


    Thanks, Marcel! Could you please email us via the Contact page on the main site so that we could provide the files? Thank you very much!
  2. osCommerce-Official


    Rene - if you could help us with that, we would be ever so grateful
  3. osCommerce-Official

    main page banner issues

    Jaanus, as was advised, any URL of your website should have been put into the "Banner URL" field. This should have been resolved now.
  4. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    At this time we can only say that osCommerce v4 is going to be a much more modern and powerful (feature-rich) Ecommerce platform than osCommerce v2 or any of its editions has ever been. We will be posting updates and previews on this Forum to gradually explain its benefits to the members of osComemrce community. There are real benefits for small businesses, medium and large businesses, B2B companies, designers, developers, consultants, accountants - you name it! The future is bright with osCommerce!
  5. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @milkman45, thanks Renato. We will be happy to consider how OSCPM can be connected to the new version of osCommerce v4. osCommerce definitely can benefit from a strong featured product management solution. By the way, there's a very cool import/export feature in osCommerce v4 that may be useful and also powerful API. We will be posting about those in the next few weeks on this forum.
  6. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Sure, Loki, we will be working on creating an import tool that imports a lot of system data and some settings as well into the new version. It is our aim to make the migration process as easy and quick as possible. At the same time, we want to give osCommerce users update to the new modern technology and solution they have been so patiently waiting for, and so deserve.
  7. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Thank you, Fredi! Looking forward to bringing new osCommerce to the community and the world!
  8. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Thank you, Pete! It has been great working with you before, and even better to meet you here in our new capacity. Please do not hesitate to post any and all questions on this Forum. As to v2.x modules - they will not work on v4 as those are two different codebases. HOWEVER, v4 will come with a lot of features built in by default, or available via the App store (and a lot of them will be free), and also we will be encouraging our development partners to create new or recreate apps for v4. When the time comes, we hope you will be able to help us by reviewing the Beta version and providing valuable feedback.
  9. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Than you, Valquiria! That is EXACTLY our intentions. We were sad to see all the missed opportunities for osCommerce and its Community, and are very happy that now we will be able to start fixing the situation and improving it, both for the platform and for the shop owners, designers, and developers of osCommerce. Agreed. Please kindly note this account is to be used for "official" communication mostly. It is currently operated by Vadym Gurevych, you can "google" the name. But it is likely that it will be operated by different members of our team in the future. We are not going to eliminate anything as such, at least such plans do not exist at the moment. V2 and CE(s) content on the Forum will be left intact. We hope that more and more users will switch to v4 because it will be: better more powerful more modern easier to manage etc However we recognise that there will be cases when people will want to keep using V2 or CE(s) for a bit longer - and we are going to respect that. There's not going to be anything forced upon users and developers of osCommerce. V2 and CE(s) apps will stay for the foreseeableble future, at least until we see no more interest in them from the osCommerce community. The only thing that may change is the URL, that is if we decide to call them "apps" in the new version. V4 apps will be made available in the new App store. We hope the development and design partners of osCommerce will find it very beneficial for them to create apps and offer them, for free or at a price, in the new App store. We fully recognise the benefit of having a strong community, and want to offer community members various opportunities to not only contribute to the platform but earn a fair fee doing it. It will be very beneficial for shop owners as well - for a business, supported solutions are almost always better than non-supported. Keep them for the foreseeable time. Agreed. But it is not just about "like" or "not like". It is about common sense and convenience for osCommerce users of all types. Thank you very much! We will be happy to know you and everyone else as a development partner or osCommerce store owner - in either capacity. If you "google" "osCommerce" as Google Trend, you will see a very painful picture. We are here to change that trend!
  10. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @Philo2005 thanks for your question, David! osCommerce v4, its further versions, the App store, will be the focus of osCommerce development team. There will be tools available to migrate store data from older versions of osCommerce and their community editions to osCommerce v4. Phoenix will not be developed by osCommerce. We hope you will enjoy using the latest osCommerce version when it becomes available.
  11. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @PupStar thank you, Mark! To answer your questions and comment on your post: - we are happy to be leading osCommerce for many reasons, one of them, and not least - we have always had some very high regard for it (same as many on this Forum) and now we can make a real difference and develop it further - we will always invite as many shop owners, developers, designers, consultants, and everyone to use osCommerce and be a part of osCommerce community. We will NEVER squeeze out any existing member (unless they do something utterly wrong or unethical) - we value everyone's contribution and are looking forward to working with as many partners as possible in the future - osCommerce v4 will be indeed "related" to TrueLoaded, however it will be its next iteration. It will be compatible with the latest server software (PHP 8), much more modular, etc. As to the features - there will be plenty of the features that will be included by default, much more than ever before in osCommerce, and most of them will be available as modules (or add-ons or apps) - i.e. it will be possible to add or remove them. We are working on finding balance between providing users with a modern feature-rich solution and not overcomplicating it at the same time, and will be happy to hear feedback from the active members of the osCommerce Community reg. this when v4 Beta is available (or preview for development partners before then). It shall be said that TrueLoaded has been in development for about 5 years now, and runs many very successful online stores of different complexity across the world. - you and everyone else will be very welcome to use osCommerce v4, for your own needs or for such of your clients - osCommerce will continue to be free and open source. We will be of course recommending that changes are implemented in modules rather than the core, to make it easier to upgrade it to 4.1 and so on. - we will launch the App store (working title) and invite all members of the community to offer their apps, widgets, design themes, etc in there - free and paid; we want to give osCommerce community a way to earn fair fee for their amazing solutions and services Have more questions - please post them here too. osCommerce is about communication and transparency!
  12. Please kindly post Phoenix-related content under the Phoenix club. Thanks!
  13. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @swguythanks for your interest. Scott, they are not connected. osCommerce v4 has new concept and codebase. Import facility will be provided to move data from osCommerce v2.x and Phoenix to osCommerce v4
  14. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Thanks for these questions too! As to the timing of the new release - it is our intention to do it as soon as possible, but we will not sacrifice usability, speed, and features of the new version for the sake of releasing it sooner rather than later. Still, we are aiming for June/July this year, actually. Pictures - there will be plenty We will be demonstrating our progress on these Forums, and will be always happy to answer questions. We are also thinking of doing videos, and, likely, webinars. Totally understand the compatibility challenges! From 4.0 to 4.1 and so on - that should not be a problem at all. For 2.x - we will be looking to implement import features to allow for smooth transition from old sites to new ones. Plugins and developments - it will need to be checked on an individual basis. You will find a number of good features readily available in version 4 be default or available as extensions for it.
  15. osCommerce-Official


    Looking for volunteers to help check and complete translations of osCommerce v4 into your native languages. To start with: - Dutch - German - French - Spanish - Norwegian - Italian - feel free to offer yours here! Besides our gratitude and mentioning in this Forum, will provide you with all possible features and apps for your online store on top of osCommerce v4 when it becomes available. Thanks!