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  1. osCommerce-Official

    Question about features

    Hello Zachris, thanks for your questions. Please find our comments enclosed below. It currently built into the system. We are not 100% sure if it will be made an add-on or rather will simply stay a part of the checkout. This seems to be a very popular option that many shop owners would like to have. Of course! How it works now is as follows: - every DB entity is translatable in as many languages as are registered in the system. Product, for example, has product name, description, attributes, even images linked to a particular language - content, like banners, texts, etc is linked to particular language, and so are all contextual widgets in the templates (themes) - every document is translatable too, including invoices and emails - every bit and piece of content, like button captions, system messages, etc is translatable too Just to confirm, all of the above is done in the back end, no need for file editing or coding. Is currently a part of the system. There will be a post on GDPR. In general, yes, it is present in the system.
  2. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Ashley, osCommerve v4 comes heavily SEOed, at least in terms of on-site SEO. It is possible to set default template for URLs, titles, descriptions, image ALTs, and some other parameters for products, categories, landing pages, and some of the system pages too. Then, it is possible to override the said properties for any particular entity, if required. It is also possible to add SEO redirects from old URLs to new, thus helping customers who found an old indexed URL in Google or elsewhere to the new product page.
  3. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Steve, thanks for your comments! We had first used osCommerce back in 2002 to create an online store for a client. Since 2004 we had been only creating online stores for clients, and we had used osCommerce back then. Over the years we were a sponsor, corporate sponsor, partner, etc. We even wrote and published a book on how to use osCommerce in the most efficient way. osCommerce doesn't have a bad reputation, no. It was neglected and we are here now to not just keep it going but to turn it into a mainstream Ecommerce solution for the benefit of businesses and developers. We are business-minded people and see this as a great opportunity for everyone. You will be very welcome to use osCommerce for your projects, and we hope all members of this forum, not dependently on whether or not they are a member of group, club, or anything. We will welcome everyone to use osCommerce in this or that capacity (as soon as it is legal, of course )
  4. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Peter, thank you for your comments! We are looking forward to launching osCommerce v4 this year and then working on a number of other tasks, like the app store (add-on store? ) and so on. We will of course continue working on the core version and some of the apps/add-ons too, but it is the osCommerce development community that we really are looking forward to welcoming to v4, so that they could use this as an opportunity to offer their solutions and services to the shop owners.
  5. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Ashley, thanks for your comments! Sure, this will be updated along with other parts of the website and forum. We believe it was mentioned previously, but still, older versions of osCommerce and add-ons will be available for enough time that is required for shop owners to move to the new version. We do not plan on closing access to those on the website or to corresponding sections on this forum. At the end of the day there are some 55,000 websites out there using osCommerce and we will not want for them to be pushed or rushed to upgrade as such. At the same time, we would very much welcome when they do choose to upgrade, as it will be: a) beneficial for the shop owners b) create good business opportunities for developers - members of this Community This Forum will not tolerate disrespect. Support - users of this Forum are welcome to support each other as such, however those businesses that require professional reliable support will be encourage to hire a developer (osCommerce development partner for example) to offer such support according to terms of their contract / service level agreement. We believe that people shall have a choice, and that osCommerce will benefit from offering such choice to its users. Thank you very much!
  6. osCommerce-Official

    Marketing features

    Thanks for your comments! The way it works in the current version of what will become v4, and it may change in this or that way, but still: - there's the Coupon system, similar to what it was before for v2.x, with parameters like you describe (i.e. limited to x times, or y times per user, or to/from a certain amount, etc) - there's also the Gift Voucher system, somewhat similar to what it was before for v2.x - there's a relatively simple "specials" feature where you can set special price to be valid till certain date - a very advanced Promotions feature that allows creating campaigns like "Buy X, get Y cheaper" or "Buy N of A, and get B for free", etc. - quantity discounts are available on products - it is possible to create customer/price groups and set either the default % discount, or set price per product per group - it is also possible to set special price of availability of products per particular customer Please note the above features may be split into one or more add-ons when we have v4 available. More updates to come!
  7. osCommerce-Official


    Thank you very much!
  8. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @Stephan Gebbers, thank you for your comment! First, would like to express our utmost respect to all Phoenix club members. Phoenix cart extends or develops osCommerce v2.x. osCommerce v4 is a new technology, and a new concept - where shop owners CAN but DO NOT HAVE to code. Instead they can manage the whole of their shop from the back end. Developers and designers can add apps, themes, widgets. It is also possible, although not recommended, to implement changes in the code of the actual platform - as it will always be open source. We are looking to offer a solution that is possible to properly maintain, support, upgrade, and extend without any major downtime for businesses that use it. Solution that allows developers to offer paid apps to the shop owners via the App Store, and not have to change them every week or month when a new version of the platform is released. There's so much more about new version of osCommerce that we would be happy to explain and discuss - please do contact us via the Contact page on the website and we will be happy to give you a preview version of osCommerce v4 when it becomes available soon.
  9. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @domiosc Vicent, thanks for your post. We strongly believe in osCommerce, and its community, hence we have acquired osCommerce from the previous owner and are working very hard to launch the new version and additional facilities and services later on. As it was stated in the original post, and in all the comments above, osCommerce v4 will be OPEN SOURCE and FREE. It will come with a great deal of features, immediately skyrocketing it to 2021 from pretty much previous millennia. After v4 is out and available to the public, we will be working on a number of other very important tasks, like launching the App store, setting up proper support and documentation, providing development partners with means and facilities to offer their solutions and services to osCommerce shop owners. Our goal is to make osCommerce a mainstream Ecommerce solution, and provide osCommerce community various tools to be able to find solutions and services (for shop owners) and offer such solutions and services for a fair fee (for designers, developers, consultants, accountants, you name it!). As to the ERP Ecommerce - this is EXACTLY what osCommerce v4 is about. Or rather its ERP version - this is not clear at the moment yet. There are tools to manage suppliers, warehouses, stock. There are tools to connect to various 3rd parties via the API and other means. There are tools to manage customer communications, including returns. And many more. Our goal is to find a balance between offering a modern, featured, solid Ecommerce platform AND not overcomplicating it at the same time. Please sign up to become a Beta tester via our Contact page, and we will be happy to give you a preview version once it becomes available.
  10. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    The new version has not been released yet. It will be available to the public once it is ready. If you like you're welcome to register your interest via the Contact Us form and we will add you to the list of Beta testers.
  11. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @ruden Valeriy, no, it will be self hosted open source free platform, like always. We plan to make apps to extend functionality of osCommerce and allow developers to earn fair fee on some apps and offer others free of charge. And templates, widgets, etc. We will then consider if we will introduce saas option, like osCommerce cloud style, but first we want to release osCommerce v4
  12. osCommerce-Official

    New management and osCommerce v4

    @veego - Thanks, George! We are very much looking forward to presenting the new version of osCommerce to the public soon this year. It is not just the new version though. It is also the marketplace we will be adding after the new version is released, with free and paid apps. Project work opportunities to let shopowners hire developers to work on custom projects. Hosting, support, and many other useful services that will help businesses of osCommerce users. One of the main differences between the old osCommerce (or any of its forks) and the new version is that the new version, out of the box, will allow the shop owners (or agencies, developers, etc) to manage pretty much everything straight from the back end, without the need to code it. It will make maintenance and support much cheaper, easier, quicker. It will make upgrades finally possible without breaking parts of the system. We have spent years and years working with businesses from all over the world, listening to real people and trying to offer real solutions to their issues - which has resulted in what will become osCommerce v4 soon. As to SMTP options - please take a look at the attached screen of the current system's email configuration screen. Does it answer your questions?
  13. osCommerce-Official


    Thanks, Marcel! Could you please email us via the Contact page on the main site so that we could provide the files? Thank you very much!
  14. osCommerce-Official


    Rene - if you could help us with that, we would be ever so grateful
  15. osCommerce-Official

    main page banner issues

    Jaanus, as was advised, any URL of your website should have been put into the "Banner URL" field. This should have been resolved now.