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  1. ok, i tried a live payment without any proteciton on the directory.... the only directory protected is the admin section... the same problem.. i get no change to the status of the order and no order in the transaction seciton of the nochex apc admin bit... i am getting one email from nochex to confirm i received payment and one to say i have paid but of course these are from nochex so are irrelevant to the problem at hand... it appears then the apc is not working... maybe i need to be using the original code?? i do not have java script disabled as far as i know.. i have service pack2 but i presume that only blocks pop ups and active x etc... edd
  2. ok well this is good and bad.... i tried a live payment, it went through the checkout process, got to nochex, pulled out me credit card... paid myself ?1.10 fine, got redirected to my checkout_success.php... well.... in my admin section.. under customers -> orders.. there is the order.. it is still listed as nochex_processing still even though that is the stage it was at when i left the site to go to nochex... and i have also completed payment correctly under nochex apc -> transactions.. there are no orders what so ever... the only thing i can think of is that i have the whole catalog directory protected at the moment... is that gonna effect nochex sending back confirmation?? edd
  3. see above post... i edited it, sorry bout that... the addess bar shows the info i was been an idiot... this is in test mode... edd
  4. ok this is getting me somewhere, nochex_checkout.php now has the nochex screen in it.... the address is this.... ****https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/checkout?cmd=_xclick&email=sales@blades2u.com&amount=1.10&ordernumber=22-20041003090104&returnurl=http://www.blades2u.com/catalog/checkout_success.php&firstname=jo&firstline=12+maplin+street&town=wolves&county=&postcode=wv67bj&email_address_sender=info@blades2u.com&status=test&cancel_return=http://www.blades2u.com/catalog/checkout_payment.php&logo=http://www.yoursite.com/logo.gif&responderurl=http://www.blades2u.com/catalog/nochex_notify.php *** edd
  5. the checkout_nochex.php file, with my website header and footer... but nothing in the page.... i really appreciate your help thx.. edd
  6. thanks, so, i know i have CURL, the admin section of the module is fine, infact there appear to be no errors atall. when i test APC using https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/apc/testapc i get about 10 emails a minute!!!! its crazy!! i don't know whether these are back logs because i have only just been able to get the emails to come through.... please someone help!!!!! when i go through checkout i still am unable to get to nochex......
  7. lol, ok i DO HAVE CURL EXTENSIONS marcoh, i have http://www.mydomain.com/catalog/nochex_notify.php in my APC RESPONDER address.... also when i visit https://www.nochex.com/nochex.dll/apc/createapc and input the address i get no email response... i have entered an email address in the admin section ****** OK THIS IS WEIRD i decided to change my email address for the nochex module... it was my email address for receiving payments, i changed it to summit else and i am getting emails.... which email address is supposed to go in the nochex admin section??? my store address?? my address that i use to log into nochex??
  8. Hi, i have just found out that i do not have CURL extensions on my server..... my hosts cannot add this, is there any way i can add it myself or can i do without it? i see in the install file it says i need them i presume this is why the module will not work.... any ideas?? edd
  9. Hi, i appreciate the reply, thanks. nope, still same... no other window, just checkout_nochex.php with nothing in it except my header and footer.... i think this is a mistake i have made... any ideas where to start looking?? am xtra enabled.. thanks, edd
  10. Hi, I think i may be getting something wrong here... Is the nochex apc module only used used for websites with an SSL certificate?? I don't have an ssl cedrtificate and just wondered because the module is not working for me. The admin section is correct, and the payment module is avaiable in the checkout. when i choose the module and continue through with the checkout i get to confirmation press continue and then nothing! i don't get taken to nochex, and a page appears titled http://www.mydomain.com/catalog/checkout_nochex.php all that is on the page is the website header and footer, nothing in the middle?? also, when i try the nochex debug email i get no email from nochex... regards, edd robinson
  11. Hey guys, I Have installed STS and also Centre Shop... The centre shop does not affect the shop in anyway what so ever... I presume htis is because the STS contrib is overwriting the settings, does anyone know how i can get the centre shop to have priority over the STS contrib with regards to the width of the shop?? cheers edd
  12. Hi, Could someone tell me how to change the contribution to show paypal as an option and then credit card as an option seperatly but both using paypal IPN??? Also, i am testing the site at the moment using sandbox and am although it says you can pay without creating an account i am not sure how this works?? As far as i can see you still have to make a password enter the security code... and then it goes and make a payapal account anyway!!! whats happening to the so called no need to be a member paypal thing?? oh yeah and i did reset my cookies... edd
  13. e-dard

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    For anyone who thinks they can help here is the modules.php code around line 128 $installed_modules = array(); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($directory_array); $i<$n; $i++) { $file = $directory_array[$i]; include(DIR_FS_CATALOG_LANGUAGES . $language . '/modules/' . $module_type . '/' . $file); include($module_directory . $file); $class = substr($file, 0, strrpos($file, '.')); if (tep_class_exists($class)) { $module = new $class; if ($module->check() > 0) { if ($module->sort_order > 0) { $installed_modules[$module->sort_order] = $file; } else { $installed_modules[] = $file; } } Thanks alot guys. Edd
  14. e-dard

    SEO Assistant

    Hi jack, Thanks for taking time to help me, i have added what you said (i had missed it) however it is still giving me a 404 page??? :( any more ideas? edd
  15. e-dard

    SEO Assistant

    Hi, Just a quick thing for you guys i expect... Not sure what i have done though... When i click on seo assistant in the tools it comes up with a 404 not found page?? www.mydomain.com/admin/FILENAME_SEO_ASSISTANT any ideas?? cheers, edd