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  1. bitcoinmouse

    Accepting Bitcoins?

    Hello, a little late reply I am working on this now, seems like this https://github.com/weex/oscommerce-bitcoin might still work with some tweaks. People should have their own wallets and preferably rely on their own nodes, however, this might not be feasible in today's blockchain size. BTC has grown to 360 GB, and Bitcoin cash BCH is 180 GB. It would make sense to have a community-driven wallet, payment module. With solid nodes backend that can be trusted. This makes sense as we see explosive growth in Bitcoin's two dominant flavors.
  2. bitcoinmouse

    adding a Bitcoin payment module

    Hello, maybe this is an old thread. Is there a good working module for adding Bitcoin BTC as only payment on website using Phoenix Oscommerce? I have my own node running, and want to hook this up. Is there someone out there that is using this today? many thanks