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  1. Hello, I just set up the oscommerce for a candleshop. It's the version 2.2 milestone 2. I tried to install the newest version of qtpro (I think it's 3.0) but it crashed my shop. I don't know what I could've done wrong, I just followed the instructions. However...I tried the version qtpro2.3update and now it works fine. Now there is my problem. I got about 80 different candels in about 50 different colours. All the candles are in an excel spreadsheet. So I decided to use EasyPopulate (v. 2.74) to import them into my shop. Now I guess those two Contributions weren't meant to work together, 'cause I won't find any data of the quantity in the output spreadsheet of my shop. I put 2 candels in each 8 colours in the shop over the admin-interface. It would take a long time to put all the diffenert 80 candels that way into the shop. That's why I need to work with EasyPopulate. (And I can manage my inventory better that way) Can anybody help me? :( Anyone has maybe worked out a solution for that? Ulf