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  1. milesdavis

    STS - Help Please! :)

    Hello, I am trying to figure out two problems with the STS contribution that have to do with programming. I would greatly appreciate anyones expertise. First, if I want to reconstruct the product info pages that use the pop-up smallimage/largeimage command, what is the variable for this? If I use $smallimage there is no pop-up, just the small image -- if I use $largeimage it's the same problem. Secondly, and this relates. How would I write this in html/php if I wanted to say assign the variable $largeimage to a button, text link or graphic? How would I write that so the link would maintain the functionality of the variable? I'm desperate for any help, and again I really do appreciate you all!! -md
  2. milesdavis

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hello all, I'm created a new store with the STS contribution. I had a question. I'm working on the product page, and I'd like to give a variable a different font style, size & color. For example: $productname I can change it's color, but if I try to give it a different size or font style -- it doesn't work. Also, how do I implement the "click the small image ($imagesmall) and get the large image pop-up ($imagelarge) function in the sts_product_info template. thanks so much! -Ax
  3. milesdavis

    Account Balance Contribution

    Okay, I solved the //Account Balance Modif issue, I had a slight error. Still, I cannot get the account balance to be subtracted during the checkout process... is there some kind of conflict with the CC & GV contribution? thanks! -milesdavis
  4. milesdavis

    Account Balance Contribution

    Hello, I'm going crazy trying to get this to work...I think I found the errors and corrected them, but I don't understand how this account balance is to be subtracted from a customers order -- It does not show up at all during the checkout_process.php. I do have gift vouchers installed as well, that option is visable but thats it.. I'm able to add a credit to a customer I'm able to see that credit under edit account but thats the only place its visable, it never deducts from the total... also...in my admin, it says above the customer names: // Account Balance Modif about 10 times, then the regular customers table appears. thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated! -md
  5. Hello, In my attempts to make my life easier, I've made it 100% harder. Uploading a product update of my .csv file for easy populate, it duplicated all of my products. I have model numbers. I downloaded the file again. It showed up with double my item numbers. the first ones listed w/o model numbers. I deleted all 124 of these duplicates, and reuploaded the file. They still remain!! is there any quick fix to this other than hand deleting all 124 items? to top this all off, my admin/catalog page is asking me to reenter my name and password 5-6 times on every action.. please help me anyone. thanks
  6. Hello, I'm looking to install a UPS tracking contribution, so users can track their orders on-line. I've looked through a bunch, and I'm just wondering what your recommendation would be? As far as ease of use and functionality. thank you! md