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  1. The error is present all time in all page for to show any attribute of any product of the catalog.
  2. Hi, Burt Thank you for answer me, Champion, is a clean new installation V1.0.7.10. The error is present in all pages for to show attributes of any products of the catalog the web page report: 1054 - Unknown column 'po.sort_order' in 'order clause' SELECT DISTINCT po.products_options_id, po.products_options_name FROM products_options po INNER JOIN products_attributes patrib ON patrib.options_id = po.products_options_id WHERE patrib.products_id = 14 AND po.language_id = 2 ORDER BY po.sort_order, po.products_options_name [TEP STOP]
  3. Attributes Products ERROR 1054 - Unknown column 'po.sort_order' in 'order clause' CE Phoenix v1.0.7.10
  4. OSCOM CE Phoenix PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'customer_data' not found in /catalog/includes/classes/magic/loader.php:16 post installation Phoenix V1.0.7.9 how to resolve this fall??? the browser report: 500 Internal Server Error. please. many thanks forum