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  1. Thanks Matt.
    This is all part of me getting the Pending status email sent.
    My hosts are suggesting using smtp instead of sendmail. Just waiting for their next reply before I try it.
    Any other ramifications if I do use the SMTP email setting ?


  2. The installed configure.php files use const instead of define. Which is correct ?
    Do I need to add the "define('ENABLE_SSL', true);" to a new install of ?
    If the install showed a green thumbs up against SSL, should it add the enable line to config ?

      const HTTP_SERVER = 'https://abcd.com';
      const COOKIE_OPTIONS = [
        'lifetime' => 0,
        'domain' => 'abcd.com',
        'path' => '/shop2/',
        'samesite' => 'Lax',
        'secure' => true,

  3. If you're just starting out, I'm pretty sure the coders for OsCommerce will explain that is not something to use for a new commercial site/installation.
    It is now very old and superseded by Phoenix.Edition v107.xx, currently at 13 and under continued development.

    Good luck and welcome to OsCommerce.

  4. 4 hours ago, raiwa said:

    In: includes/hooks/admin/siteWide/wholeSale.php

    change line 28 to:

            if (isset($pInfo) && is_object($pInfo) && !empty($pInfo->products_id) ) { // product info box contents

    I'll add this fix and the fix for the other notice errors in the next update.

    The notice errors are not important.

    Anyway, the usual way in 99% of all cases is to duplicate an existing product instead t o create a new one from zero.

    Great, fix worked nicely.


  5. Hello.

    I got further with my install of the Lite version and Installed Version: OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.7.10 

    I got one item that already existed and managed to apply a wholesale price to it and buy it. When I want to add a new product, the error shows below. Trying to click the Language Specific tab for the item, or any of the three tabs, I get sent to the admin index page. Any help would be welcomed.

    1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
    select products_ws_price from products where products_id =
    [TEP STOP]


  6. CSS forced reload

    I was having a lot of trouble getting Edge (with chrome core) and Chrome to reload css after making changes. Even to the point of deleting and replacing the css file and still no luck.
    After searching, I found this site. Original source link below.


    The solution!

    Requesting file.css and file.css?rnd=23 will get you the contents of the same file but those two requests are not the same! Both the browser and the server see them as requests for two different resources. That’s the whole premise behind our solution. Credits for it go to Paul Irish who wrote about the method back in 2008.

    With the magic of a few lines of JavaScript, we find all CSS files referenced on the page (all <link rel="stylesheet"> elements) and then change their URLs. Changing /some-path/style.css to /some-path/style.css?rnd=132 forces the browser to re-request the file from the server. Because of the rnd part, neither the browser or the server have that request in the cache and are forced to grab a fresh copy of the file! Simple, fast, universal and clean solution!

    I post here in case it helps others.
    Apologies if this is not the right thing to do. Admins can delete if necessary.

    Original source

  7. Customer group pricing

    I can't see anywhere to set specific prices for specific customers.
    My aim is to have a wholesale trade ordering site where current customers can order online by logging in to see what "they" pay.
    Is this possible out of the box ?


  8. Ok, great stuff. Looks like I have some reading to do. 
    All customers are conspicuous by their pending covid lockdown so I think I'll have some time !
    Thanks for your patience Heather and Burt. 

  9. All I had to do was delete the admin from the database then go back to the admin login and it asks to create a new one. It was that simple.
    It was a totally new, clean install without any users or items.

    Re. the lost admin password retrieval link :

    The "youradmin/.htpasswd_oscommerce" didnt exist.

    The "youradmin/.htaccess" didn't have the required lines to delete.



  10. Admin login retrieval

    Is there an option to retrieve the admin password for a new Phoenix install ?
    I managed to get to creating the install, demo fruit site etc.
    I can't get beyond the admin login screen even though I believe I'm using the correct info.

    I still have the install folders all in place etc. so maybe that's it.

    Thanks for any help.

  11. No payment option for checkout.


    Is there a setting or an option to allow customers to place orders but not require a payment ?
    We don't want a zero value option, we simply charge and invoice current trade customers via other means with invoicing outside of the site, not payment at time of order.
    We use Quickbooks Desktop for our invoicing. 
    I have tried removing various options but it seems too messy.

    I'm currently using the Installed Version: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 which is available from my web host.

    Main requirements are UK only with sterling currency.

    Any guidance would be welcome.