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  1. HeidiBarnett

    which payment module do you use in your shop ?

    I'm also looking at the options for the payment module, as I set up my online shop. I was mainly looking at sage pay, but no one seems to be recommending it here? I'd really rather avoid PayPal, after a nightmare experience I had with them previously. They kept taking money and being an absolute nightmare when Id contact them to sort out, telling me to call the other company, who kept telling me Paypal needed to sort it, which ultimately led to being out of pocket, unable to pay a bill, which caused me to take out a loan - in the end I ended up with debt and had debt collectors intimidating me at my door. Sorted now. But I will never use PayPal again. Not worth the hassle of dealing with their customer service So is the general consensus PayPal or authorize? Has anyone used sage pay? I used to use sage when I was an accounts assistant, so figured that could be a good option. I don't know anything about authorize.
  2. HeidiBarnett

    Abandoned Cart Recovery

    Is worth using - I've completed purchases myself when its prompted me following an abandoned cart