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  1. secretmatt95

    what are best payment moduals

    what are best payment modules to use I'm trying to get up running but i need to sort the payment out.
  2. secretmatt95

    how to let people upload images

    is there a way too prompt them to email the photo till its done
  3. secretmatt95

    how to let people upload images

    how can you convert it
  4. secretmatt95

    how to let people upload images

    oh ok cool ill message him thanks
  5. secretmatt95

    how to let people upload images

    a Phoenix remake what's that
  6. hi i use the phoenix shop is there an addon or something that lets customers upload images to put on there orders as i have a personalised printing business for thing like personalised mugs so they have to send the image they want on the mug.
  7. secretmatt95

    Product Options other than dropdown

    so you have a tshirt that you want your name on and you want to preview what it will look like how can i do that so it will show it with the font size and and different fonts so u basically make it your self or so you can put a photo on it and get how the customer wants
  8. secretmatt95

    how do I make my site https

    how do i get my website to say secure at the top and make it safe.
  9. I have a printing business and i want people to be able to see a product blank and be able to put there writing on and images on so it personalised it send the details to me so that I can print them out for the heat press
  10. secretmatt95

    How does Options work in the Product Page

    thank and no i only set it up last week
  11. hi im wondering how i can make it so if i have A PRODUCT like apples but i have 2 colours of them like red and green so that it all 1 page but u can select which colour you want to buy and how u can have more than 1 image on the product on the page. thanks