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  1. Our Admin Login issue got fixed. Along with this issue, the Customer side also had an issue. You couldn't "Add to Cart" anything. Buy Now continued to work but nothing could be "add to cart" .. the cart remained empty. It all started when our SSL certificate renewed AFTER we had in IP change. On the day of renewal, no more logging into the Admin part of our cart. And no more "add to cart" functionality. Our hosting server support people spent all week insisting the SSL renewal was good, had no issues, created no issues. Until today. I finally got one that really looked into it. They discovered there needed to be a new update to the htaccess file. Poof! All issues corrected.
  2. I understand the "not supporting" part. So, who can help me with just 1 thing. I saw where if I remove the Admin from the Administrators table (not deleting the table itself, just empty it) that when I went back to the admin login page, it would tell me there's no administrators and would give me a screen and add one. User name and password. WHICH IT DID! THE QUESTION.... can you (anyone reading this) tell me what causes this function to ONLY INSERT the PASSWORD? I've done this now several times and it doesn't add the ADMIN NAME to the table. It leaves it blank but does add the PASSWORD. When I add the user name to the table ... it doesn't help. I still get the login error. WHAT / WHERE / HOW ... can I get this "add an admin" page / form ... to insert both the user name AND password? Where is the "break" in connection between that add admin page / form and the database? Thanks for your help.
  3. Added details... may or may not be related. We were on a dedicated IP and have an SSL cert. Due to a compromised CCard the account went down for a few days. When it was restored, we were no longer on a dedicated IP. Things worked great until the SSL renewed this past Sunday (28th). Suddenly ... couldn't login to the Admin page. And the admin login page no longer renders correctly... like it doesn't look like it did on Saturday. The content and formatting is different. The SSL shows it is protecting the new shared IP that we're on now. Again, don't know if the events are related .. SSL renewing and the site going haywire. But there it all is. Biggest thing is getting access to the Admin login again. Thanks again for any help.
  4. For customer passwords there is a "forgot password" function. And we can create one in the database. The issue I'm having is there is NO "forgot password" function for the Admin password and no "add new admin" like you can do with customers. I can access everything from the database, but cannot login as Admin in Oscommerce. And it won't let me do a password for a customer (dummy acct) and then copy the encrypted version from the customer fields and paste it into the password field for my admin in the database. It still gives me an error login attempt. How can i either make it accept a password or create a new admin? My version is 2010 back in the 'old days" ver 2.3 I believe. Thanks for any help.