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  1. bermuda

    Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro

    I tried to add RewriteRule ^write.php$ ext/modules/content/reviews/write.php [NC,L,R] to rewrite the review page I put it directly under the RewriteBase but it did not do anything. It displays as .../ext/modules/content/reviews/write.php?products_id=7556 Am I missing something about what this as supposed to do? OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.7.5
  2. bermuda

    Phoenix SEO URLs

  3. Can you explain what you added to english.php?
  4. bermuda

    Phoenix SEO URLs

    I did a search and could not find an Add On or a topic about search engine friendly URLs for Phoenix? I am trying to decide if to upgrade to it but I need that feature. I am just a shop owner. Not coding skills. But i can install Add Ons. Is there one for this?