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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I have used a contrib that allows the product image to be enlarged right on the page without the pop up. When I added the template it now has an error on the page when you click on the image. Any thing that would cause this not to work? http://angelcheeksdiapers.com/shop/product...4211f776a4aa61c Thanks! Chrissy
  2. acdiapers

    Shipping help

    I posted in general before...oops...:) The shipping or tax is not showing on the checkout page. I have added a few contribs so don't know if I removed something... I don't get errors they just aren't showing up. I set up shipping as a flat rate and tax for my state. The are set up where they should go in the admin. A few days ago they were showing up so I guess I did something. Hope that makes since... Any info as to were to look would be great! Thanks!
  3. acdiapers

    Shipping help

    I finally got mine working by going through all the checkout files and making sure there wasn't a problem and found one in checkout_shipping.php. I must have missed something or changed it with another contribution. Also I was getting the wrong amount when I got it working and I found that in Admin>Config>Shipping/Packaging>Package Tare Weight. Set it to 0 and it will figure postage on the weight of the item otherwise it adds to the weight and changes the postage amount. Thanks! Chrissy