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  1. there appears to be a fix for this here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4066/v,22 not tried it myself, good luck & please report your results. dub
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    ePDQ Logo Solution

    ePDQ Logo Solution Use your own logo with ePDQ This is a minor addition to the marvellouys Contribution made by Graith To use your own logo with the ePDQ Contribution Backup, then load the file catalog/includes/modules/payment/epdq.php in your editor of choice find the section .tep_draw_hidden_field('bname', $order->customer['postcode']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('baddr1', $order->customer['street_address']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('baddr2', $order->customer['suburb']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('bcity', $order->customer['city']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('bcountyprovince', $order->customer['state']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('btelephonenumber', $order->customer['telephone']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('email', $order->customer['email_address']). "\n" .tep_draw_hidden_field('bpostalcode', $order->customer['postcode']). "\n" and add the line .tep_draw_hidden_field('cpi_logo', 'https://yourdomain/yourdirectory/LOGO4EPDQ.gif'). "\n" The image *MUST* reside on an https (secure) section of your site (check your server documentation on how to do this) Hope this helps d?b