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  1. Hi nsf43, I was running into the exact same troubles here with a website I'm setting up for my daughter. I seem to have solved it for now, in the following bruteforce-kinda way: 1. Create your theme colours (and other settings like sizes) at https://bootstrap.build/app - While doing this, save OFTEN via "Export theme" => _variables.scss; - When you refresh the page you'll apparently lose your work, BUT you can then reload the _variables.scss and soldier on where you left off; 2. When you're done (and after you've done a final save of _variables.scss!), proceed to "Export theme" to bootstrap.min.css (or bootstrap.css, but bootstrap.min.css is smaller); 3. The contents of the saved bootstrap(.min).css need to end up verbatim in your user.css: - Either select contents, copy, and paste into user.css, - OR - - In the above "Export theme" step, simply overwrite your user.css. This works for me! Hope it works for you as well. Let us know how you get on. Matt