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  1. Fabulous. Thanks, Yesudo! :thumbsup:
  2. Still looking for a solution to this problem, so if anybody can help me on my way, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I've installed the small version of PayPal IPN. When an order is placed the status is set to pending. Once my supplier informs me it's processing the order I change the status to processing. So far, so good. However, when my supplier informs me that the order has been dispatch I run into problems as I don't have a 'dispatched' status option available. Mine says 'Delivered', which is not the same thing. Can I fix this easily in the existing files, or do I have to install a whole new IPN module and if so, which one? Thanks, --=Roger=--
  4. For you goes the same question I asked earlier to somebody else:
  5. Still no pictures for me in my feed, except for two products. My stats show that the googlebot hasn't visited my site at all this month. And what's even worse, Google still hasn't answered my email. I know they are slow, but this is ridiculous. :'(
  6. Has your feed been approved yet? If it hasn't that shows up as an error, even though the upload of your products was succesful. Took a while with me to get my feed approved after all products were uploaded.
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like I disallowed the google image bot to do it's business in the robots.txt file. I've changed this now. Is there any way of getting Froogle to reindex it? I have just ran froogle.php again, but is that enough?
  8. Nope, I'm still on 'image unavailable', which I have been ever since my feed got approved.... :'(
  9. I've just ran a test. All my products, with the exception of two, have image unavailable. When I copy the full image address and load it in a blank browser window I get the 'image unavailable' thing as well. However, if I only copy the actual path of the image from the full image address it is actually the correct path. So, the problem is to do with the bits that Froogle puts around it. For example: This is the full image address: This gives me an 'image unavailable'. However, if you try just the actual path: the right image is shown. The two products that do have a picture seems to have gotten their picture from a totally different location ( which I've never heard off. So, I don't know what's going on or how to solve it. I find the whole thing rather odd. And Froogle doesn't answer the question I send to them by email either, so thats not helping...
  10. Last night my cron job uploaded the weekly feed file - using the change in the froogle.php - but there still aren't any pictures, the links when copied into a blank browser still seem to work fine and google/froogle still hasn't answered my email. I'm still at a loss... :'(
  11. It's hard to believe that there isn't a solution for something as rudementary as a discount on shipping when purchasing multiple items. So I'm activating this thread again, hoping that somebody has a solution.
  12. I've made the changes and I've uploaded the file. Have to wait and see whether it's going to help. Personally I doubt it very much, since I have no spaces in my imagenames to begin with. Nothing to replace. Nothing to be solved. I fear that the answer has to be found somewhere else. In the meantime I still haven't received an answer from Google self about this problem, but then again, they are not the fastest people in the world. *grin*
  13. It's installed at the root. If I cut and paste the path to the images from the feed file into a blank browser window it shows the image, so the path is correct.
  14. Today it's 81 products out of 397 and still no images. :'(
  15. I'm searching by going to and typing into the search box: store:worldwidewonders_co_uk. Searching that way all my products should be found, but only 9 of them show up. Also, the images are not being displayed despite the links being correct in the feed file. I've already got the Who's Online enhancement installed, but that serves no purpose in answering the above question.