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  1. That is unless you are working with retailers who have negotiated a lower price than the average customer. Then in that case, the retailer logs in and buys goods at their regular discount. I'm not interested in a lecture on how to sell my products. Thanks for coming out to play though
  2. Because every retailer on the face of the planet has promotions and discounts. When I get home today I will post the plethora of requests that have gone ignored and you people say no one is asking
  3. It's not my attitude it's yours. CE Phoenix is riddled with spelling errors and broken functionality that needs to be fixed. I've had to ask a thousand questions because as pur one friend said it, I'm NOT a programmer! And the fact that you expect people who use your platform to he PHP developers is ridiculous! The whole point to Softaculous is ease of use for the average person and every question I ask even things like "how do I fix a spelling error" is met with hostility! I've been expected to fiddle and fumble around with my site and I've bricked it twice causing me to fully restore from scratch! I just can't do this anymore! I get it's a small team who produced OS Commerce but seriously it was released 20 years ago and you would think this issue would have been addressed! It's like trying to sell a car without the steering wheel and when asked about it the community says "what, can't you engineer your own? Or pay someone to make you one??" I have posted a query in the developer forum and hopefully someone responds!
  4. What I'm trying to say is this should be a standard function of OS commerce. The inability to create customer groups or offer discounts is a pretty massive blow to the platform and it makes me wonder just how many people out there gave up on OS commerce. Then of course CE Pheonix suffers because the functionality is not native to OS Commerce. Honestly it's a shocking lack of foresight on the developers part and after multiple calls on the forum for a solution the best you've got is to hire someone to do it? The developers should honestly update their platform and do it happily. How long would it take to write a dozen files and finally get some functionality
  5. The title says it all Can someone please for Gods sake put this functionality into OS Commerce??? It's the one thing I desperately need and every other eCommerce platform has these functions. Customer Group The ability to make a group and assign a customer to that group. Sounds easy enough, but a few changes would have to be made. Customer Side: - Add a button a customer can tick if they wish to choose to apply for a group during account creation. This sends a flag to the Group module - A disclaimer under the button points out that applications for regular customers are not necessary - When customers associated with a Group buys something, the customer gets the Group discount Administrator Side: - Add a category in the Customers module called Groups. - Add 2 options for this group: Manage Groups, Pending Applications Manage Groups - Create New Group. Options for these groups are: Name of Group, Discounts (%, $ amount), Shipping Exempt - Delete/Edit Group. Click on a current Group to edit its features - Add a table to each Group Information Page to show which customers are members of that group Pending Applications - This module would show a list of customers who have applied to join a Group - A tick box to enable their application and a dropdown to assign them to a Group PHP Side: - The backend modifies all prices on the website to the discount values associated with a group - When a customer associated with a group buys something, their price is the groups price (work this like the Wholesale mod for CE Phoenix) If someone could make this change to OS Commerce and also release the update for CE Phoenix as well, that would be awesome! Honestly, I'm shocked this isn't a standard feature with OS Commerce! Anyway, how soon can this get done?? Please someone do this!!!
  6. SafeTBird

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    So I tried to get into the language files and changed the headers, and completely bricked my install. I was thinking "oh good I have a backup" but my host had my site sitting in memory and it took me FOREVER to get them to revert it back to a saved backup. Now I'm trying to re-install the module and the "modules -> store" does not exist. Everything else seems to be working but that one part of it won't fire up. I've downloaded the latest copy but every time I move the module over to my site the same file is being replaced and every time I try to replace it. Something on my end is preventing the file from being copied. I'm pretty much ready to give up on CE Phoenix as a whole. All I wanted was the ability to offer certain customers a discount. I'm shocked there's no way to offer a customer a simple discount or have it set so their prices are permanently adjusted to the discount. This should be a core feature of CE Pheonix. I mean things go on sale all the time it's a standard with every single store in existence. The fact it isn't included with CE Phoenix as a standard is mind boggling. Anyway, thanks for writing this module, I'm going to have to figure out a different solution. Good luck
  7. SafeTBird

    Wholesale (SPPC lite)

    @raiwa I'm moving my questions from the CE Phoenix forum to here. All I want is to change all instances of "retailer" to "customer" and "wholesaler" to "retailer". You had mentioned the language files but I'm guessing there's several files that will need modifying and mulitple headers, references and other bits of code that will need updating. Is there an easy way to do this?