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  1. ricky_h

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    Hi if i disable a category i can still se products from that category in bestsellers and in reviews
  2. ricky_h

    Description in Product Listing v.2 Help

    Just put it up you can get here :thumbsup: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1743
  3. ricky_h

    Description in Product Listing v.2 Help

    Hi I made it now it works :thumbsup:
  4. HI I fixed that problem whit a popup window for my terms instead of being redirected to index page :thumbsup:
  5. ricky_h

    [Contribution] Pollbooth v2.0

    Hi I have 2 problems whit this contr 1. When i vote i get blank page on pollcollect.php 2. When you got more then one poll the tables go wicked and i got column_rigth.php under column_left.php And i would like some help on this it?s a good contribution if it works :thumbsup:
  6. ricky_h

    Description in Product Listing v.2 Help

    :) HI Does anyone know if this works on oscommerce-2.2ms2 ???
  7. Got a little problem when customer red the terms and continues the are sent to index page and have to fill in all information again
  8. Search for "Must Agree To Privacy-statement 2.2MS2v1.00" in contributions
  9. ricky_h

    Product Listing Contribution

    Now it does work with ms2 :thumbsup: