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  1. I have followed the install for the featured products addon database table is their all files have been updated and I still have no screen which lets me add a featured product. only screen that shows how many featured products I have which is zero because I have no user interface to add one. What am I missing. Also it tells me to add the following code to filenames.php and that file does not exist define('FILENAME_FEATURED', 'featured.php'); define('FILENAME_FEATURED_BOX', 'featured.php'); define('FILENAME_FEATURED_PRODUCTS', 'featured_products.php'); It aslo says to add code to includes application_top after tep_expire_specials and that line of code does not exist in the file I am using the latest responsive version of Phoenix CE What am I missing and where is filenames.php
  2. When I click on featured products the only scree I see is the one telling me how many featured products there are. Of course there are none because I do not have the option to add featured products anywhere. How do I get that screen to show I am running the latest Phoenix version and followed the featured products install to the letter. All is fine except no option to add a featured product.