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  1. zipurman

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    @gsmiley007, @raiwa I have updated the Canada Post (2.1.1) Mod here: https://phoenixaddons.com/knowledgebase/canada-post-rest-module/ The 'city' is not required for this mod, but I have been keeping all of my shipping mods the same so it is required by others. For now, I have adjusted so the code is skipping 'city' if it is not defined. I also have it loading the $_SESSION['cart']->show_total() if the $order->info['subtotal'] is not defined. Hope that helps. Zip
  2. Thanks Fredi. A new site and a new version is coming soon. The tool does require PHP allow exec as well as remote fopen. I will be making all of my add-ons available without the use of the toolbox as it was more of a proof of concept.
  3. A good point that was brought up, was that the tool pulls code (at user request only) from a third party site. Here are some points to help with that concern: It would have been much easier for me to just provide each plugin with its own download link and have people drag/drop that to their catalog. I may do that yet, however I am using common functions to avoid code overlap etc. I am not sure how many users proof read their code they download (they should) to make sure it doesn't do anything that isn't advertised . It's really no different than what Wordpress does with plugins and themes. In Wordpress, the updates are automatically applied from each authors website. In the Zipur Toolbox, downloads have to be requested and then they go to the admin/updates folder and the user has to then click to update/install. You could review the code in the admin/updates folder prior to updating/installing if you'd like to review it for behaviors. You can review the code of the Zipur Toolbox to confirm that it doesn't install anything without being asked to by the user. All of the downloads come from zipur.ca but are never auto-applied 
  4. Zipur Toolbox offers the following features to CE Phoenix and OSCommerce: Modules Easy installer of packaged add-ons. These add-ons have to be created with the Package Creator or manually created to match the spec expected by zipur Toolbox. Once add-ons are installed using the tool, you can easily uninstall, reinstall, delete, update the add-ons with a click of a button. Online Library This Library will allow you to download any add-ons developed by Zipur with a click of a button. You will also be able to see what is installed and what updates are available. Package Creator This is the best part as a developer. It allows you to code in your IDE and when done, you can package the files you need as well as SQL adjustments for install/uninstall/upgrade as well as turning any mods on/off pre/post install. It will also allow you to change all file versions and header copyright blocks at the time of packaging. You can even download a zip file from the tool containing your new package. The package is then ready to distribute to people also using this tool and they can install with a click of a button. Version File Report This report downloads a matching version of the core of your install. It then compares against your installed version and shows you what files have been changed, added, removed. If you are using OSCommerce, you will have to manually download and place a copy of the core. Requires PHP 7.1 at minimum, but 7.3 recommended to avoid herdoc indent errors You can also refer to zipur.ca for more info. Find it here: https://apps.oscommerce.com/RdMqY&zipur-toolbox-0-2-0&c=other All feedback, problems, suggestions welcome. Zipur