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  1. CobraCards

    Recover Cart Sales

    When I couldn't "flush" the table, I emptied it instead. That made everyone show up as "uncontacted." (Whereas before, I was looking at a "frozen" version of the contacted/uncontacted info.) It was working fine for 3 months or so, until it stopped updating the contacted/uncontacted info. I don't want to start over... I want it to continue working fine. :) I've got RCS v1.4. (I tried to install the latest version the other day, but I think I've hacked my OSC install a bit too heavily, gave me all sorts of errors.)
  2. CobraCards

    Recover Cart Sales

    I'm having some trouble with people I've already contacted showing up as "uncontacted." I read that I could fix this by flushing the "scart" table; but when I try that I get a message saying I can't do that because I need reload permission. No idea why that would be, but there it is. So, is there another way to keep the contacted/uncontacted info accurate?
  3. CobraCards

    SEO Assistant

    Makes sense to me... but wouldn't this mean that a "partial total" and a regular total would return the same results for single keywords? (As described above, partial totals would compare the instances of a keyword to the total number of "one-word phrases", which is the same as comparing it to the total number of words, right?) The numbers don't turn out this way -- on my home page, the word "TCG" has a "partial" density of 14% and a regular density of 6%. Also, just curious -- is there a general concensus on the issue of ideal keyphrase density? (Please specify regular or partial totals too!)
  4. CobraCards

    Faster Page Loads

    I think I've got everything working correctly -- the cache file is created and is definitely being read ("debug" trick works as expected, and my query count is reduced by one.) But, there isn't any (significant) difference in my page parse times -- averages of about .220 - .225 seconds both before and after. Any idea what I'm missing? Or, do I just not have anough config variables for this contribution to make a difference? (There are almost 200 defines in my cache file...)
  5. Actually I haven't been able to figure out where to put strip_tags exactly... but while looking I found where $strip_array is defined, and added "<b>" and "</b>" to it. :)
  6. Thanks Chemo, the popup image thing works great! One more quick question... Some of my product names are bolded, so the name is actually "<b>Whatever</b>". Works fine for most purposes, but many of my SEO urls look like "cobracards.com/bwhateverb-image-....." Would it be possible to add something to the "short_name" function to remove "<b>" and "</b>"? Seems like it would be a pretty simple modification, but that code looks totally foreign to me so I didn't want to mess with it. :) Thanks!
  7. Great contribution Chemo! :) Now... what would I have to change to make it do its thing to popup_image.php? (I don't use product_info at all; popup_image makes more sense for my products.) Thanks!
  8. CobraCards

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    I know this type of question has been dealt with before, but none of the answers has helped me... When a customer pays using Paypal, I don't get any emails from my site, and the quantities are not updated. The transaction is also not listed in Admin-->Customers-->PayPal IPN, so I'm assuming the problem is that I'm not receiving IPNs from Paypal. Here are my settings for the Paypal module: Enable PayPal Module True E-Mail Address cobratrumpet@mail.utexas.edu Business ID postmaster@cobracards.com Transaction Currency Only USD Payment Zone --none-- Set Pending Notification Status Pending Set Order Status Pending Synchronize Invoice False Sort order of display. 1 Background Color White Processing logo logo.gif Store logo PayPal Page Style Name default Include a note with payment No Shopping Cart Method Aggregate Enable PayPal Shipping Address Yes Debug Email Notifications Yes Digest Key PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN Test Mode Off Cart Test Off Notification Address postmaster@cobracards.com PayPal Domain www.paypal.com Return URL behavior 1 In Paypal, Instant Payment Notification is on and the URL is http://cobracards.com/checkout_success.php Any help would be appreciated, thanks!