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  1. stevanio007

    Import / Export

    thanks. Just installed easy poulate. painful instructions and its loaded okay and show in the admin section, unfortunatley the export button doesnt exist and using the quick links throws up an error to do with tax classes which i am trying to fix. Fingers crossed ill get it to work otherwise its going to really painful to manage the products lines i plan to list on my site.
  2. stevanio007

    Import / Export

    Good morning, is there an import export module at all so that i can import lots of product at once, along with making mass changes to prices, descriptions etc? thansk in advance.
  3. stevanio007

    index.php & config issue

    I have copied the index.php from a new install and back up and running. very weird i must say. Once i get going i will be keen to start to look at some add ons.
  4. stevanio007

    index.php & config issue

    Hello all. This morning i created a new domain and installed phoenix, so pleased to find it after using oscommerce from scratch many moons ago. Any how i cleared the usual config errors at the start and started customize the site via the admin module. all well and good, refreshing the front end as you go to check changes etc. then i got a 404 error, after some deliberation and back and forth in my browser history i realised that index.php was missing when i checked in file manager. i can access the admin page no problem (although now even though i fixed it this morning i am getting the following) I am able to write to the configuration file: /home/hillandm/plants4gardens.co.uk/includes/configure.php. This is a potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file. Now this is where it is interesting as now index.php is back however unlike all the other files in there has a completley different modified date. So i thought i would install pheonix again but on a different unused domain and low and behold the date of index.php is the same as all the other files. As of now i cant access the index (home page) of the site but i find this really weird. Any advice for a newbie please. Thansk in advance Steve