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  1. Great thing, used over 15 years the old one 😉 Is it possible to place the information formatted , more "eye-friendly",may be centered or without/different frames ? Here is what i had so far And the discount may be in RED ?
  2. i am getting this (wrong position of discount), but i did not manipulate any depending file (Phoenix
  3. EGLTD

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    INstalled it on I could install it, registred and i can see the hooks. But no ReCaptcha is seen in both pages Any advice or missed i something ?
  4. This is Version 2.3.0 I installed 1. the Box and then the featured products for index and index_nested. Surprise: NOW it works until i click on one of the new entered featured products. at the bottom appears (rigth beneath your button) LINK iS NOT.....
  5. After installing on i got this error message in the shop (which disappers after removing the add-on)
  6. Nice feature, but does not work on 😞